Taste true Russian tea

Russian Drinking tea is good for health because it is rich in vitamins and a variety of wholesome ingredients.In contrast, the use of black tea Lapsany should be a reasonable rate, so it can be addictive because caffeine contained therein.Also, the excessive use of strong black tea can cause problems such as discoloration of the face, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, nervous tension and insomnia.

Russian tea - a tea made from dried herbs, flowers, berries, leaves, black currants, raspberries, cranberries, lime and apple blossoms.These teas have a delicate flavor and aroma.For more intense taste this tea can be mixed with a small amount of black tea Lapsany.

Russian brewed tea in a porcelain dish with boiled water.The proportions are calculated as follows: 2n on the water - 2st.l.dry grass, 1 tspwelding.Russian Tea insist at least 10 minutes.To enhance the taste of Russian tea several times, use the following method: the dry grass and berries fill with cold water and bring to a boil.Boil

this decoction for 3 minutes, then pour into the teapot and let it brew broth while.

Russian tea - the perfect remedy for many illnesses, since its foundation - dry grass, leaves and berries.This tea has anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens blood vessels, increases the effectiveness of the treatment of atherosclerosis and hypertension, reduces the risk of heart attack.

tea with lime flowers, foliage or fruit raspberry or mother-and-stepmother - the perfect remedy for chronic bronchitis or asthma.Ivan tea strengthens the immune system, relieves headaches and insomnia.

When poisoning drugs and other poisonings good help in the reconstruction of the digestive system and cleaning it of toxins strong tea with milk and lots of sugar.

Cold and heat drink weak tea with lemon, honey and black pepper.

Russian tea improves the condition of the skin, cleanses pores, pimples and cope with the problems of oily skin.If you drink at least a liter of Russian tea during the day, then you not only get better activity of the gastrointestinal tract, but many problems will disappear with the appearance: face will be smooth and clean.

Here are a few recipes for Russian tea.

Forest tea.1ch.l.Lapsany black tea 1ch.l.strawberry leaves, 1ch.l.blackberry leaves, currant leaves, 1ch.l.hips.

Berry tea.1 tspLapsany black tea 1ch.l.raspberries, 1ch.l.hips, currant leaves.

Field tea.1ch.l.Lapsany black tea 1ch.l.St. John's wort leaves, 1ch.l.oregano, 1ch.l.May nettle 1ch.l.tansy.

Vitamin tea.5ch.l.Lapsany black tea 1ch.l.St. John's wort, leaves, 1ch.l.thyme, a pinch of valerian 1ch.l.raspberries, 1ch.l.hawthorn berries.

The Russian tea, you can add lemon.Lemon tea not only gives an unforgettable taste and aroma, but also enhances the beneficial effect of drinking tea: increases efficiency and reduces drowsiness.

Russian tea brewing method, you can easily come up with your own!almost any combination of herbs and dried berries have a spicy taste and mild aroma.Mixtures teas are best stored in glass jars under the lid tightly closed.

Enjoy your true Russian tea!

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