Collagen: stabbing, smear or there?

teryaemkollagen Why are we?

determine whether you have a deficiency of collagen, it is very simple: just lightly pinch the skin of the upper eyelid.If it is medlennorazglazhivatsya, it is time to take action.Decrease of kollagenanapryamuyu associated with age-related changes: slows down the metabolism, aprotsessy collapse of collagen outweigh its synthesis.All this affects notonly on the elasticity of the skin, but also on an oval face.However, aging - not edinstvennayaprichina.

hormonal factors .Nemalovazhnuyu role in the formation of collagen plays male and female hormones estrogen and -testosterone.In men, testosterone is reduced slowly, because of this they have long preserved bone density, muscle mass ivyglyadyat they are younger women.In women, on the contrary.During menopause urovenestrogena drops sharply, and because of this, and reduced collagen production.It vseskazyvaetsya the appearance.To avoid this, you can go zamestitelnuyugormonalnuyu therapy.It appoints the gynecologist and en

docrinologist, after polnogomeditsinskogo survey.

Power .Pitanie also important for the normal production of collagen.Neobhodimopoluchat sufficient amino acids which are formed in rezultaterasschepleniya proteins from food.If not to be missed at least one amino acid, the formation of proteins is broken and it will affect the skin, hair inogtey.

What produktyneobhodimy skin elasticity?

to process collagen was correct neobhodimoupotreblyat to eat the following foods:

  • Cereals, legumes, oysters, clams - they contain copper.
  • in citrus fruits, kiwi, blueberries, black currants, apples so further contains vitamin C.
  • of egg whites, you can get enough sulfur.
  • in brewer's yeast and wheat germ is dostatochnotsinka.
  • red vegetables contain silicon.
  • Any oily fish will enrich your body fat kislotamiomega - 3, -6, -9.
  • Any greens, spinach, cabbage and lettuce contain poleznyydlya skin, hair and nails lutein.
  • Lean meat, apples, tongue, liver, tselnogozerna products, buckwheat, figs, peaches, bananas, soybeans, cherries, red peppers, pumpkin, carrots and other foods contain iron.

Take barrier

For many years, scientists are working to prodlitmolodost our skin and learn to stimulate the production of collagen.Podobnyyeffekt are antioxidants and vitamin C, as well as peptides and nekotoryerastitelnye extracts.All of this is included in rejuvenating kremov.Uchenye learned to separate the molecules of these substances and include them in osobyesistemy additives - cyclodextrins nanosomes, enhancers.Thanks kroshechnymrazmeram and a special shell, these substances are no problems in sloiepidermisa with useful substances.

Some cosmetics manufacturers include in their products ikollagen.However, this is not very effective.The fact is that molekulydannogo protein too large to penetrate the epidermis vglubkozhi with collagen fibers.Such well-cream protect, nourish and uvlazhnyayutkozhu, but do not increase the amount of collagen.

Injection is more effective, as they sposobnydostavlyat protein deep into the skin.But they were not so simple, because chtouchenye not yet learned to control the biosynthesis of collagen.It is impossible, bringing its vorganizm outside, replace old fiber.New molecules simply smogutadaptirovatsya body.But with the help of injections can run protsessobnovleniya.Once the collagen get inside of the injection, the body begins to break down.Upon cleavage of amino acids appear from which vdalneyshem and will build new collagen.

How stimulirovatvyrabotku own collagen?

Today, modern beauty salons predlagayutspetsialnye procedures which are aimed at stimulating the development of sobstvennogokollagena.The procedures are safe and painless.

Iontophoresis .During this procedure, a mask is applied on the skin skollagenom.This mask connected special electrodes.Podvozdeystviem current is irritation of skin receptors through etomukollagen breaks through and sebaceous glands gets into opredelennyemesta and starts to accumulate in the skin.

Mesotherapy .A special gel based on collagen injections is introduced with help deep under the skin.There it is stored up to 9 months.All etovremya body will try to dissolve the foreign material, and thus budetstimulirovatsya production of collagen.But before you make such protseduroystoit allergoproby.Some of these injections on voznikaetallergicheskaya reaction.

Ridoliz .Needle electrodes are introduced into the middle layers kozhi.Cherez them gets a high frequency current.This current causes povrezhdeniyasoedinitelnoy tissue swelling and reactive.The body begins to react to the stimulus napodobny own production of collagen fibers.

Thermage .This procedure is performed using spetsialnogoapparata which creates an electromagnetic field in the skin.Thanks etomukollagenovye fibers are heated to a certain temperature and stanovyatsyabolee dense and short.As a result of this treatment, the skin starts stanovitsyapodtyanutoy and synthesis of new collagen.

at ease

Today Collagen is present not only in creams, but vpischevyh supplements as well as vitamin complex.Some restaurants dazhepredlagayut dishes with collagen.The collagen powder is mixed with the meat products ilirybnymi, it is added to salads and donuts as well as morskievodorosli.

Many scientists are skeptical about this method upotrebleniyakollagena.After all, due to the fact that collagen fibers dostatochnokrupnye, our body digests them bad.From such a meal would be no harm, however, and the use of it, too, has not been proved.Perhaps these additives and smogutkosvenno promote the production of collagen.But not the fact that he will sintezirovatsyaimenno where needed (in the deeper layers of skin).

in food supplements with collagen is also a protein, kotoryepri enters the intestine are broken down into amino acids, which are sent nasintez proteins in other cells.And the skin of these amino acids fall into poslednyuyuochered as our bodies all necessary substances first sends vovnutrennie organs, joints and bones, and then only supplies of the skin, hair inogti.

why collagen supplements are useful for the prevention ilecheniya musculoskeletal system, the spine and joints.But chtobystimulirovat production of collagen fibers and their synthesis, where necessary, it is best to go to a special salon treatment.They provide you horoshiyrezultat that will be noticeable after just a few treatments.

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