The best ways to clean the house

Scientists estimate that annually falls to the Earth 300 tons of cosmic dust.And yet millions of tonnes of it are produced in the course of our joint activity.Here is the answer to the eternal question: "Where does so much dust?"However, the cleaning we do not only for the sake of order and comfort.Through regular wet cleaning and disinfection we get rid of harmful microorganisms and dust particles that cause allergies.This is especially true for the apartments, where there are pets.Do not want to get sick often?Keep the house clean!A modern equipment and accessories for cleaning and household cleaning products will help you quickly make a general cleaning with minimal effort.The best ways to clean the house can help you figure it out.

The hardest
- this, of course, force yourself to take on the boring.Some housewives, not wanting to clean every day, the date of the general cleaning plan, thinking, "Oh, then, I will bring exactly the order!"But the dirt accumulated in the house every day, and, there

fore, to deal with it for one day off you are unlikely.It is easier to change the approach to be the best method of harvesting in the house and start small: cleaning pay at least 15 minutes daily.Today, we brushed the dust from furniture, tomorrow casually rubbed glass, and the next day let sparkle sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

If you have planned a thorough cleaning, start by folding in its place all the things that someone once took, and did not put in place.It do not have, if you train yourself and your whole household, only to return things in place.And let this training will take a lot of effort and nerves, but your efforts will be rewarded time saved on cleaning in the future.The best ways of cleaning the house, there are different.

Then you wipe
mirrors, glass cabinets and furniture from dust.It is better to do it with the help of special wipes that are able to get rid of the stains, even without polishing or wiper.Now you can be vacuumed.Vacuums - an indispensable tool in cleaning, especially with a water filter, because in addition to its main purpose - control of dust, moistens the air.The turn to wet cleaning.It is also desirable mates.

Now there are many kinds of mops with different attachments cotton, microfiber, or a sponge.Many have a mop wringing mechanism that allows to wash the floor, not to wet hands, that for us women is very valuable!Choose a mop, depending on your gender.For example, if you have a parquet floor, it is suitable for attachment to a mop Microfiber (well it collects dust, even if it slightly moisten).And for tiled floors or linoleum that will suit the squeegee-sponge.

cleaning in the bathroom and the toilet is quite laborious.However, it takes less time and effort if you use special cleaners for sinks, tiles and toilets.This is where the really "Clean - the guarantee of health!"In these places, everything must sparkle.

single word about the kitchen

If you have not yet purchased the dishwasher have to wash the dishes the old fashioned way.Better to unload all the dishes in the sink and adding funds to the dishes, fill it with water.After soaking the dishes will be easy to wash.And in the meantime you lay all the pots and cups on the lockers.With the help of special tools clean plate.Then wipe tables and wash the floor.These options are the best ways of cleaning the house.

least twice a year, thoroughly wash all the windows and wash curtains.And constantly get rid of unnecessary things - they are our main enemies in restoring order.It is believed that if you do not use the thing for one year, means, and are able to do without it.


can not force yourself to start cleaning?Here the main thing - to create the mood.Invent yourself a reward - for example, once done to clean up, eat a piece of cake.About calories do not worry - the extra is well burned during restore order, especially if repetitive motion exercise to your favorite music.Or invite guests tomorrow, and you will immediately see a wonderful occasion for the best ways of cleaning the house.Well, now to business!

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