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How can you create comfort in the room?

Decorative fabrics and curtains.
draperies and curtains - the basic elements of decoration apartments.
curtains can visually mitigate the disadvantages of doors or windows in the room, may expand or extend them.To the window seemed wider need to drapes and curtains hanging on either side of the window, in addition to capturing the window opening, part of the wall on the left and the right.When it is necessary to narrow the window, the curtains need to be attached to the eaves, which corresponds to the window opening, the length of the curtain in this case should be the floor.

beautiful draperies and curtains, if they are thick folds and pleats.
To achieve this it is necessary to exceed the width of the curtain and a half times the width of the window opening.

The room in which the walls pokleit wallpaper without pattern or painted, can be for the use of draperies and curtains fabric with a pattern to the fabric pattern was the same color as the walls, but at the same time was a different shade.If th

e walls are drawing, you can use a smooth cloth or melkouzorchatye.

If the room hanging on the windows and curtains and lace curtains, upholstery fabric should be without a pattern of smooth fabric.When in a small room are big things, they need to drape melkouzorchatoy or smooth cloth, otherwise these things will stand out.

permissible to use a large pattern upholstery in high and large rooms, can be used for curtains and draperies and furniture used for large sizes.

plaid fabric is very good to use for upholstery for cushions, covers, tablecloths and curtains.For a room that is painted in bright colors, you need to choose a light cell.

If the windows are radiators, the curtains rayon, nylon, nylon, silk tulle adjusted to the sill because the tissue in contact with the batteries wear out.

Long, narrow drapery of thick fabric give the room a strict look, if the curtains of fine fabrics, such as nylon, compiled assemblies lush, they give the room lightness and airiness and freshness can give a room a curtain of material into the cell.

should know that if used as a drapery viscose fabrics or shiny silk fabric, or use them for upholstery, curtain, then the humble circumstances, they will look very smartly in a modest setting.

Draperies and curtains of rich fabrics such as silk, velvet, have to do with lining, they will hang heavy, deep, beautiful folds, then they will not deteriorate and fade in the sun.

Carpet and rugs.
looks nice in the room carpeting and large rugs, they seem to visually enlarge the room, especially when drawing carpets uniform and shallow.Small carpets put the chair, desk and sofa.

looks ugly when the carpets on the trail angle or diagonally, better lay carpets parallel walls.Not stele in the same room a few different styles, designs and colors of little lanes and rugs.
bright, multi-colored carpeting or rugs look good in the room, which is smooth painted walls.

In the long narrow room carpet put two different groups of furniture, so the room as it is divided into two parts, the same can be achieved by means of two carpet, when the walls plain.When the furniture placed so that it turns out that one room is separated from the other, then the space visually becomes not so long.

If the room carpet covers the entire floor, then painting the walls need to take as a basis the main color of the carpet, but you need to take a lighter shade.

When you decorate the room to give the softness and warmth, track and carpets require care that can not always afford to busy people.The carpet, which does not look neat zatёrt, unpleasant to the eyes and looked unhygienic.If you can not spend your time on something that frequently clean the carpet, it is better to abandon them.

Objects ornaments and paintings.
best thing a good picture hang-lit place, on smooth walls look very impressive works of art.When the walls pokleit wallpaper with a pattern, then the picture should be a broad frame.

Pictures have to balance and calm the situation room.They must be combined with the size and shape of furniture, lighting board devices, which must be located on the side of them.The picture has a vertical format, it can be balanced by lower vessel, which may be put to the cabinet, but the picture has horizontal format needs a high vase or vessel.

picture hung on the wall should be at eye level or slightly below.A large oil painting, hung with tilt and higher.Photos, graphics and watercolors hung lower and several paintings in a row, if they are roughly the same in nature and size.

Take our advice, and you will see how to create comfort in the room.For comfort does not only depend on how the apartment is decorated and furnished it, but also on the people who live there.There will never be comfortable in the house where screams can be heard, so the weather in the house depends on you.