National features mouthwatering dumplings

All ravioli "family" one thing in common - their love all around the world.Moreover, sometimes they even put a monument ...!Skewered on a fork dumpling stands proudly in the middle of one of the squares of the capital city of Izhevsk in Udmurtia.And we pay tribute to his closest "relatives".Still - the only one in anticipation of the meeting with a plate of juicy aroma emanating meat pelmeshek soul begins to rejoice, and to inflame the appetite!The main thing - to the joy of anticipation did not turn around disappointing taste.With household products it is hardly possible, but with shops often happens.

history of "ear"

for the title of national feature mouthwatering dumplings and historical homeland pelmeni fighting not one country.The main "battle" was between Russian and Chinese cuisine.Of course, we are accustomed to such a thing as "Russian dumplings."But to be perfectly honest, the very name of the dish - clearly Chinese origin, "drops" - ear, and "nurses" - the test (and try not to agree tha

t the appearance is clearly reminiscent of our favorite ear!).Compete with Russian dumplings and dumplings make Italian ravioli, khinkali Georgian, Uzbek manti, Lithuanian magicians.The essence of each "ear" one - juicy meat filling, packed in a thin wrapper dough.And now - on the national characteristics of delicious dumplings.

If routine tests
tint by adding yolks, spinach puree, beet and carrot juice and use as a filling mix of chicken and pork, you will receive a ravioli (which must necessarily be tiny)."Triple" minced beef, pork and lamb, plus the average size - you are dealing with classical Russian and Chinese dumplings.But khinkali manta rays and mold in the form of bags, but such as in the mouth barely fit.Stuffing for the first case most often lamb with lots of greenery, coriander and cumin.Manta different meat filling with plenty of chopped onion, sometimes they add a little pumpkin pulp or raw potatoes.And certainly prepare them for a couple.But Lithuanian sorcerers first molded, then fried, and only then go into the boiling water.

In general, this geographic and culinary imagination ends, and we go to the supermarket for a pack of frozen product.Dumplings with shops all loud and clear: no suspicious additives, classical technology, standard size, and most importantly - really helps out during the total lack of time.

We sculpt, sculpt, sculpt ...

art modeling and national features mouthwatering dumplings goes back centuries.Every housewife has got skilled in the eyes of the same size rolled pieces of dough and a teaspoon minced cleverly impose "on the nose".Dumplings same-store performance of "approximately" can cost reputation.

Of course, we can hardly tell you how to cook dumplings.The only advice - throw in salted boiling water or broth a couple of bay leaves and a few peppercorns.Tantalizing aroma and delicious taste guaranteed!You can just fry them with vegetables in butter in a frying pan.From already boiled dumplings made casseroles and even salads.Tasty and delicious dumplings - a real miracle for a family dinner or lunch.More often pamper their households yummy, and they will always obey and respect your work.

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