Reasonable savings for the modern woman

Well, we live in a very material world, and hence our material dreams, too, deserve attention and respect.There is nothing wrong in the fact that our fantasies are often sink to the level of household (up to some leather sofa or mobile phone).Many women have similar or the same dream, but each goes his own way to them.Take, for example, the notorious coat.

Way № 1. Tighten the belt

To purchase the desired article of clothing, Masha minimize their waste.She courageously refused favorite smoked sausage, 5 times brewed the same tea bag, hold the phone for incoming calls only (not to pay for mobile communication), but was glad that every day was nearing its fluffy dream.Here it is accumulated on one sleeve, that's the second ... To expedite the process, Mary stopped for dinner and ride on public transport.And replacing light bulbs in the chandelier stovattnye on sorokavatnye (to reduce electricity consumption and thus cost) and refused to pay for the intercom, which she immediately turned off.All save

d Masha deposited in a special envelope with the inscription: "coat" that hide in the linen closet.After 3 years of hardship (forced "diet", sitting in the shadows, debilitating and hiking vacations in the summer six acres) Mary bought a fur coat.Fortunately there was no limit, especially when you consider that on the machine table returned sausages in a chandelier-100W light bulbs, earned intercom and mobile phone were allowed to work not only for receiving calls.And while no debt and credit obligations!Plus a nice surprise "bonus" when Masha stamping the foot work, the home, it spotted a young man walking a dog in the square.A few months later, he was going with the spirit and finally came up to meet you.Now they live in the car flat, the second pass, save on everything, dinner is often the parents, and in the linen closet they are two is still pretty thin envelope "wedding car".

If you think
: "What a mess!", Then nothing.There are horrific stories.For example, such as saving not temporary, not for a purpose, but simply so as not to spend "extra" money.Psychologists believe that the overly rational attitude to money and reasonable economy for the modern woman can not be considered completely healthy, especially if it suppresses your dreams and desires.And if you go this way, you can unwittingly completely subordinate his life philosophy skopidomstva.However, no one says that reasonable economy for the modern woman - a vicious trait.Moreover, since the crisis broke out, living in an economy has become fashionable.Even the "stars" show off where and what they were able to cut waste.Here are the most fashionable ways to achieve reasonable economy for the modern woman.


Hollywood celebrities do not buy clothes and jewelry that once they walk down the red carpet, and borrow for a while at fashion houses.Among other things, rental, there have today.So, having decided to go hiking, do not worry about the high cost of equipment: tents, sleeping bags and backpacks for a small amount can be taken for temporary use.

sell the old

auction, which goes under the hammer things and furniture of the "star" wardrobes and homes, such as Cher, Elizabeth Taylor and Britney Spears in recent years become more and more popular.What do you do with old sheepskin sofas and obsolete appliances?That's right, throw, or give a friend drove to the cottage.Meanwhile, if you do not overprice and act according to the principle "a skinny sheep wool tuft though," that all his b / u can find good customers.Get Rich, you certainly will not get rich, but a contribution to the family budget will be able to make, and the cottage will not have to clutter up the remnants of the former "luxury."

enjoy free

Of course, if you are not Julia Roberts, then expect that you will be accommodated free of charge in the presidential suite superotelya only mention in the leaflet: "Pretty stayed here, was pleased", is not necessary.But, fortunately, something free in this world there is for the ordinary people.For example, the software almost all computer programs are free analogs.You can save money on long distance and international calls, talking on Skype worthless.Do not forget also about public libraries, charity concerts, municipal festivals, and that every year on the night of May 18, many museums open their doors to visitors absolutely free.

conduct subsistence farming

So does even the first lady of the USA, crashed the White House kitchen garden.And what is worse, our women?Grow dill and parsley in a pot on the window today, even fashionable.And all winter - its free and fresh herbs (the cost of seeds for 2 hryvnia to the bag does not count).

All this, in your opinion change?May be so.But if you put together the savings through such tricks hryvnia, you may have a very substantial amount of reasonable economy for the modern woman.

Way № 2. Increase revenues

Oksana - not one of those who will carry out of fashion shoes or sit on bread and water for the sake of buying something else.Its active nature is much easier to make the remaining amount, what to save, giving up the pleasures, and even more so in the essentials.Therefore, looking at the catalog of fur, Oksana mentally figure out how she would earn to collect money for the vending model, "Take extra teaching hours, as suggested by the headmistress, podyschu a couple of students for private lessons, and so be it - agree to keep the circle innearby paid Lyceum. "Oksana has estimated the amount of potential revenue: it turned out that the owner of a cute coats Mouton it will be in time for next winter.She arranged this situation, and she began to look for a piece of paper with the telephone number of the head teacher of the Lyceum, the caller recently a proposal to undermining.

This course is suitable for those women who work the piece - you can stay in service until midnight or take things home.If you sit on the setting, it is possible to ask for a raise, move to a better paying position at half-time to earn.In addition, around the whole world, giving many options of additional earnings and a reasonable chance of saving for the modern woman.

In the evenings, weekends and holidays, you can find something that will bring additional revenue and, in turn, reasonable savings for the modern woman.Freelancers around the world is becoming more and consistently grow their profits.Just do not get involved in dubious financial fraud and do not trust those who promise you a quick and easy enrichment (think, for example, how many people were burned on the pyramid schemes).

There is another danger
, lies in wait for those who are ready for a dream to work hard.It - workaholism, weighed down by burnout.Women with such a diagnosis is difficult to enjoy progress, bought the dream does not cause delight, and indeed no emotion.And the result: the result is, but there is no happiness.That is why it is so important to be able to stop intermittently in the pursuit of material well-being and to celebrate the victory of the intermediate.Live for today, and not just future plans.And always remember, for what you are amassing capital.

Way № 3. borrow

Faith has always been an impulsive woman as soon as she got a job at a prestigious company, immediately took a complete set of "befitting" wardrobe.And I knew immediately that it has not enough coats: "Go to such work in the down jacket is unacceptable, needs fur!"No sooner said than done.Faith took a friend's 2.5 thousand euros for future salary and went to the fur-tour to Greece.Day went to the selection of sheepskin (sheared mink for 1800).Two more days spent in the resort of Vera Halkidiki, admiring the Aegean Sea and visiting local attractions, and upon returning started his new employment duties.Go to work in a new burrow was warm and pleasant.

The story traces a rational approach to life, including money and material things, reasonable economy for the modern woman.What people want, he gets right, and only then paying for it: take second jobs, reborrow money, forced to save - as you easier.And that is the idea that the goal has been reached, just warms and supports: increases self-esteem and helps to shock or to work courageously to diet, saving on expensive products.

motivated labor
always more effective and relevant restrictions are transferred much easier, because the monthly payment on the loan - a great deterrent.But for those who want everything at once, there are a number of dangers: do not pull the load, overstrain and / or become chronic debtor.So try yet commensurate with their possibilities expenditure.By the way, sometimes uncontrolled spending and dreams are caused by a subconscious fear of the future women.Cope with them will help a woman therapist.

Way № 4. Get a gift

Inna almost never hear denials from their parents, and all of its material needs, including expensive, satisfied the first requirement.It is quite natural that when choosing a partner, she paid a lot of attention to how a man is ready for her fork.In particular, all any significant holidays, it begins to resemble the past month and each time playfully asked: "And what you gave me?"One of the gentlemen sift once ("She just needed me the money!"), Someone gave up a few months later, unable to bear the heavy burden.But once another suitor for the traditional test-Inna provocative question: "What you gave me on March 8?"He answered the question: "What do you want?"- "Coat" - a cute smile, she chirped."No problem", - he answered readily Romeo and eighth in the afternoon of Inna already tried on the delightful trendy product of the wild cat fur with leather inserts and accessories with rhinestones Swarovski.

This story certainly you like, if you believe in the power of love drug, in the fairy tale about Cinderella and the prince and noble in that fantasy can become a reality.However, being of sound mind, I do not particularly rely on the fact that the solution to all your financial problems once and for all will be some amazing generous and unselfish man.Occasionally, of course, there are, but more often for men's generosity to pay dearly: tolerate rudeness, to listen to reproaches, to forgive betrayal ... And it's humbling, as well as, however, and women's extortion.Believe me, from an ethical point of view, soliciting gifts (money) looks like, to put it mildly, not the best way.To whom it may have been directed: to the beloved or their parents.

But even if you do not take into account
moral and ethical aspect of the problem, a disturbing picture emerges.When a person voluntarily gives up his dream come true on its own and is trying by all means to make someone else a tool to achieve their goals, we can safely talk about its immaturity and even infantile.In today's world with its economic unit it paid labor is a major advantage, and the exclusive right of an adult, and you are to give it up, as well as on the social maturity test.You, as a child, begging for "adult" using those or other manipulation of the things that would be your personal achievement.Is it time to grow up, to try their hand to begin to respect themselves?

Way № 5. Make the most

Marina nice sewing, and the best of her dresses were man-made origin.However, the idea to tailor a fur coat from the finished fur never entered her head up until she read on the Internet to advertise the sale of dyed rabbit skins.The price was comparable to the price of the shopping coat fabrics, and Marina decided.Fiddle had long since had no skills with fur jacket but turned out - sight for sore eyes.Moreover, from scraps managed to make a nice hat for my daughter and decorate fur scarf bells.The success inspired the Marina, and the next fur coat, she decided to sew from a more expensive fur.Then sprinkle with orders from friends and acquaintances, Marina left office job, hired two female assistants and organized a small company, which provides a stable income.

Handmade way to dream
- the most natural and ancient way of reasonable economy for the modern woman.At the dawn of civilization was simply no other: if you want a loincloth warmer - sew, you want a new tuesok to gather berries and roots - gossip ... But since mankind invented money to make their own hands what we needed or longed to haveIt became optional.Often easier to buy a ready-made thing and not be fooled.However, psycho person creating the dream with his hands on the first stitch (screws, plates, nakleechki ...), just different from psycho lover ready joys that he wants to be fooled.He loves to be picked in the details, to invent a hitherto unseen designs or cut, look for special accessories.By the way, it should be clear that the "do it yourself" - is not always the cheapest way, and choose not to those who seek to save money on a dream, or to find it cheaper.But the real dream is to present needlewomen costs and time, and material costs, because the output is quite unique thing, the only one of its kind, well thought out in detail and is so precious.For women, creative, brooking no publicized ideas, aspiring to live, to be and look like everyone else, a way for the implementation of the material the surest dreams.For them, the co-creative process of the flour is not only sweet, but also necessary for the satisfaction of the result and feel the fullness of life in general.

Alternative savings

me.Barter - this is what has been since ancient times mankind.And since the money excluded from the savings obtained in a pure form.For example, it is possible to read the book, and change it to another on the Internet, then the third and so on.Wishes to catch your reader's baton certainly there, and you are not paying a penny, reread the whole library.Movement is gaining popularity bookcrossing ("journey" of the book): the participants by reading a book, leave it in a prominent place, such as a seat in a subway car, where it can take any.

cooperate.For example, agreeing with pals buy discs with movies "all", you can save a good amount.For example, this week you buy 2 drive next - Krasnovs Belov acquire 2 disk in a week, and at the end of the month so do Chernovs, and during this period films go around.It seems a trifle, but on the basis that the license disc is about 40 hryvnia, you can save per month for more than two thousand hryvnia.

Cooperative consumption, or sharing - are now quite fashionable trend, which applies not only to a DVD, but even on cars, machinery and discount cards.

Track discount

not expect seasonal Salem: many well-known brands is constantly satisfied with the current action.Watch for modern rates of Internet service providers, mobile companies and choose the most economical.Going on vacation, pay attention to the newly opened hotel where the prices are always lower.The discount can be up to 30%, and this advertising campaign to attract customers.If you are traveling abroad, make their own visa profitable.Be patient, and your effort will pay off for the collection of documents that many travel agencies for a visa take further 10-20 euros.And familiar to local attractions can be yourself, and (saving on the cost of the tour), traveling around the country on buses and trains that have stopped, and all the resort towns.Taxis, by comparison, will cost 5-10 times more expensive.