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The use of white color in the interior

White color in the interior (and not only!) - The color of good luck, success.It is light, airy, weightless.It symbolizes luxury and prosperity, at the same time pushing the scope of the room.This color is unusually harmonious and, despite its apparent simplicity, is diverse.White is the most reflective spectrum, so it is better to create the interior combined with artificial lighting.The main thing - remember the rule for myself: when working with any color, it should not be too much!If you use white to create the interior, do not aspire to that, to use it in everything.White bedspreads, curtains, walls, furniture and carpet create around you a real ice town.And what about comfort, because it is so important on cold winter evenings?

to using white save for tourists and precious warmth and create an atmosphere of medical sterility can be used svetosberegayuschie shades of white: pastels, beige, white and pink, white and yellow, and others. These warm variants of white represent very fashionableNow envi

ronmental style in the interior.Another way to create comfort and warmth - to use the bright spots on a white background (pictures, shelves, furniture, cushions, and other various accessories).In the selection of bright colors, prefer to "clean" - yellow, but not lemon, red but not raspberry, orange, but not a carrot.The secret of bright accents - do not overdo them.Surplus bright spots will look gaudy.

color of the floor, suitable for light tones - too bright, and the monophonic.Better if it will or parquet flooring.When choosing furniture, prefer light wood.Add a dwelling space may be glass tables, closets, shelves, low dressers, crystal jewelry.Do not use bulky furniture.To space seemed cleaner and brighter, clear window sills to light penetrated into the apartment without any obstacles.Plants with lush foliage better get on the floor.

Pretty fashion is now a mix of simplicity and restraint with vivid detail: for example, against plain white walls set up the bright furniture or vice versa, put on the sofa cushions in the color of bright curtains.

Speaking of curtains.The spacious room can not be heavy night curtains with lambrequins.Let window will be put on at least textiles.Winter curtains for the room is better to choose a bright yellow or orange.Cheerful, light curtains hide the bad weather outside the window and add mood.You can combine the curtains with different accessories, as has been said before.Summer curtains should be light and weightless.

Do not forget about the main substitute sun - gold.Gold finish and golden tones bathroom will add warmth and sophistication.For the illumination of the room a golden sheen, you can experiment with embellishments.Jewelry Interior is now not uncommon, they are sold in specialty stores.Use imagination and create decorations for the interior of your room yourself - a glass box put some shiny jewelry "under the gold", highlight a picture of a lamp, and an exclusive indoor "sun" is ready!

small but important note: to dream of bright spots, golden ornaments and other accessories in the living room better.If you are a clarification and expansion of space bedrooms, the main thing here - to create a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

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