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Mustard for hair growth

Folk cosmetology mustard powder for more than one decade and is used as an ingredient in masks and shampoos for hair growth.Due to the inherent properties of this plant, increases blood flow to the hair follicles (as a result - the stimulation of hair growth), regulates the sebaceous glands.Shampoos prepared using mustard powder, cleaning properties.Women who use this component in the hair mask noticed efficiency - said the rapid growth of hair, improves their condition appeared shine.And not just women: men after using the mask with mustard noticed new hair growth at the high temple.

Tricks using mustard
Despite the useful properties of mustard, you need to be careful: because of misuse of masks, which is composed of mustard, you can dry up the skin - as a result you can get dandruff or hair will become brittle.Be careful if you have sensitive skin of the head.Before using the mask with mustard spend a little test.To do this, a pinch of mustard powder mixed with a small amount of water;Apply this mi
xture on the back of the wrist.Feeling a slight burning sensation - a normal reaction.But if the place was red and itchy - it is better to refrain from using such a mask.

before using a recipe of mustard masks, take into service a few tips:
  • mustard mask for hair growth to take the form of a dry powder rather than a paste of mustard;
  • dry mustard plant can only warm water (temperature 40 degrees) - using boiling water may stand out harmful volatile oils, which have a negative impact on the human body;
  • must remember that mustard has a drying effect.If you are the owner of dry hair, then be careful, because this mask can further dry up the hair and roots, cause brittle and cause dandruff.Neutralize the drying effect of mustard can be added to the mask nutritious foods - butter, mayonnaise, yogurt, sour cream.Owners of such oily hair mask podsushat hair roots, thus eliminating their excessive greasiness;
  • if you feel a slight burning sensation - the mask is working, but when applying the mask is very burning - better wash off the mask.Perhaps the scalp is very sensitive, and in addition discomfort you get more and dandruff;
  • mask mustard applied to unwashed hair, your head should be wrapped and put on a top hat or a towel;
  • after applying mustard hair should be thoroughly rinsed as grains of powder may remain in the hair.Make it better hair dipping into the water.
How to use mustard in a "domestic cosmetics"?

choosing components for the mask with mustard, you should know that sugar or honey, mixed with mustard, cause severe burning.The composition of the mask, you can change depending on what ingredients you have on hand: it can be oil - olive, burdock or almond;cinnamon, brewer's yeast, the juice of onion or egg yolk.

Let your hair shine with health and beauty!