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Hair coloring coffee and cocoa

In some cases, hair tints coffee and for whom acceptable?

Being powerful enough natural dye, coffee is still not applicable to all, and in some cases simply ineffective.Fair it will add a bright and saturated color of their hair and brunettes - luxury and impeccable finish.

gray-haired woman of coffee does not help, since they are struggling to cope with even the strongest chemical dyes.On Blondes coffee has a very unexpectedly.Owners blond hair and previously painted should be extremely careful when using coffee as staining can be uneven and partial.

methods of hair coloring coffee

hair coloring uncomplicated procedure and does not provide for specific ingredients and effort.

Here are some effective and recognized recipes:
  1. Firming Mask for hair, giving shade coffee .To mask will need: a tablespoon of brandy, two egg yolk, a teaspoon of ground coffee, a teaspoon of olive or vegetable oil, a few tablespoons of warm water.Mix all the ingredients and let the mixture obtained.Apply the mixt
    ure evenly across the length of the hair and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse.In the case of unsaturated colors should repeat the process with increasing time.
  2. Spray brunettes .Boil the ground coffee, then cool and drain, then pour it into a spray bottle and after every hair wash and brushing applied to the hair.The effect is visible immediately - the hair shine and become pliable and pleasantly fragrant.
  3. Coating mixture of henna and coffee .To get a deep chestnut color, you need to mix henna and 2 tablespoons of ground coffee.Stain as required instruction on the use of henna.Staining is a mixture strengthens and gives hair a beautiful tone.
Useful properties of cocoa powder
Many stylists, barbers long favored cocoa in hair color, because it is not only fragrant and pleasant procedure, but also heals.Endowed with useful vitamins and microelements cocoa beans are not only able to tint the hair, but also to ensure the full recovery of the complex.

staining Technique - balayazh
To get coloring shampoo at home, you need only to pour baby shampoo in the ratio 1: 1 cocoa powder.Keep a shampoo on the hair is necessary, depending on the type of hair.Blondes will be enough and a couple of minutes, brown hair and brunettes time will have to be increased to the desired result.To give hair a red hue to mix henna with cocoa mass prepared based on the amount of hair.

Applying a mixture of regular and shampoos based on cocoa and coffee your hair over time will become a healthy and well-groomed appearance, a nice shade and fragrant aroma.