Decoupage - a popular technique of decorating

fashionable now decoupage - a popular decorating technique called application view.

Nuance that applications use to swipe.The standard pack of twenty napkins same colors, and you most often missing two or three for one thing.But it has its advantages: a cluster of tissue induces meet other admirers decoupage - a popular technique of decorating and share "raw material".

What is decoupage?For decoupage useful any solid surface that you do not wash very often, because it's all the same application.Perfect for this dish and a bottle of (wood and glass), you can decorate with applique T small tray.In short, fantasize during decoupage.To start Arm: PVA glue (better in large banks - for construction, but you can start with the usual for students);Brushes of different sizes (required soft);Napkins (more diverse, the better);Scissors;Transparent varnish;Acrylic paint (sold in the departments for creativity in toy stores).

What will be the order of work : Prepare surface and then cover it with adhesive.What

is and what is prepared surface?For example, your child has decided to decorate the bottle.If it is made of transparent light (white) glass, decoupage almost any will look well.But if the bottle is dark, and the application of light (red, green, blue), this point should be taken into account, because you use only the top layer of napkins, it is practically transparent and a layer of adhesive will not look as bright as on a napkin.So you need to paint the bottle in a color that suits you better.It looks wonderful decoupage on white, light green and yellow surfaces.Well, if the background is still dark, then you need to have a very bright pictures and perhaps even have to use two color layers.

How to choose a pattern of napkins that you bought?Talk to his assistants, babies imagination works fine.But first you need to choose some small patterns (hearts or flowers).Cut, and then separated upper layer - swipe pattern, usually three layers.This upper layer is carefully adhered to the surface, smeared with glue.Soft brush gently smoothes.Napkin quickly soak, so here it is necessary to act very cautiously.Then coated with a layer of PVA glued pattern and leave to dry completely.To pattern was brighter, you can stick on top of another layer, but it is not necessary to get involved in this, because the image will be above the surface.And besides, the two layers is very difficult to reconcile.After drying the work is necessary to cover a layer of varnish.If the pattern is not clear path, it can be to finish paints.You can use the "silver" and "gold" paint.This is a very animates the picture, but do not overly zealous: decoupage - technique is very delicate.

for kids too, there is the case.Participation of children in this popular decorating technique is desirable at all stages.For example, even the smallest would be happy to be primed surface with white glue.Clay is practically harmless, easy to wash and properly clean, non-toxic, it does not have a strong smell.Cut and paste fragments - here, of course, need the participation of children are older.But their say in the choice of napkins can even the smallest.Their ideas are always very interesting.Have a nice pastime!

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