Delicious recipes from chicken gizzards

Recipes Chicken gizzards can be found in many cookbooks in the world.In Europe, the meals are served as a side dish with mashed potatoes.In France, make a salad of warm chicken gizzards and foie Italians love this delicacy.In Korea, the recipes of dishes from chicken gizzards mostly combined with a sharp soy sauce.

  1. salad of fried chicken gizzards Chicken gizzards
  2. Korean
  3. Chicken gizzards in multivarka

Recipe №1.Salad of grilled chicken gizzards

recipe for fried chicken gizzards

tasty, tender and very satisfying.Recipe fried chicken gizzards and can be used for banquets, and for a simple family dinner.

Necessary ingredients:

  • chicken gizzards - 0.5 kg
  • medium carrots - 2 pcs
  • onions - 2 pcs
  • pickles - 3 pieces
  • green peas - 1 Bank
  • mayonnaise
  • greens forDecoration
  • vegetable oil for frying.

Method of preparation:

  1. good wash and clean the chicken gizzards.The recipe can be implemented within 10 minutes, but before that you need to boil until tender stomachs.This can take up to 2 hours time.When the main ingre
    dient is ready, cut into strips;
  2. chop the onions and carrots.Fry in a pan.Add stomachs and gently boil for some time together;
  3. chop sticks cucumber.Mix the contents of the pan, cucumbers and green beans in a salad bowl;
  4. season with mayonnaise, garnish with herbs, Serve hot or cold.

Recipe №2.Chicken gizzards Korean

chicken gizzards in Korean

lovers will appreciate the sharp little recipe chicken gizzards in Korean.

Necessary ingredients:

  • chicken gizzards - 0.5 kg
  • chicken broth - 0.5 cups
  • Garlic - 6 cloves
  • onions - 1 pc
  • red pepper cilantro
  • soy sauce
  • greens
  • salt.

Method of preparation:

  1. must first be cleaned and rinsed chicken gizzards.Boil in salted water until soft.Cut into strips;
  2. chop the onion and garlic.Fry the onions in the pan.Add to it the stomachs, pour chicken broth.Boil on low heat for 10 minutes;
  3. add to pan soy sauce, garlic, pepper and other spices to your taste.Boil for 5 minutes.Add greens and off.Serve fried chicken gizzards in Korean with rice noodles or asparagus.

Retsept№3.Chicken gizzards in multivarka

chicken gizzards in multivarka

If you have such a wonderful device as multivarka, you'll love this recipe chicken gizzards.

Necessary ingredients:

  • chicken gizzards - 1 kg
  • onions - 1 pc
  • carrots - 1 pc
  • pepper - 1 pc
  • tomato - 2 pcs
  • bay leaf salt, spices.
    • Method of preparation:

  1. purify and cut stomachs, onions, carrots;
  2. shredded tomatoes and peppers;
  3. laid in a bowl Multivarki stomachs and vegetables.Add water, spices, bay leaf.Turn multivarku mode "quenching";
  4. served at the table chicken gizzards with potatoes or rice.

Chicken gizzards - a specific product that will appeal to fans of meat.As you could see, recipes chicken gizzards satisfy any gourmand.So hurry to move from theory to practice.

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