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Treatment of chronic angina folk remedies

If harmful microorganisms for a long time in contact with the tissue of the tonsils, there comes a violation of the properties of tissue proteins, causing them to begin to show antigenic properties.And then by sucking the blood cause allergies, in which antibodies are produced in violation of the normal activities of the body.Condition of the body at the same time plays a very important role.

chronic angina: treatment of traditional medicines.


At night, place a piece of aloe, of approximately 1 cm per cheek.The duration of treatment is 1 year.In this method, aloe pulls pus that facilitates rapid purification of the throat.

Tincture of Cahors wine and aloe.

Preparation: grind in a meat grinder 350 g of aloe, add 600 g of honey.All of this pour 350 ml of Cahors.Put in a dark place to infuse for 5 days.Treatment: Take tincture of one item.l.three times daily one hour before meals.Continue treatment until the sore throat, until the end of infusion.


Yields interferon, which

boosts the body's immunity and has antiviral action.Preparation: Pour 1 teaspoon of herbs and 1 cup hot water.Put it stand for 3 hours.Should take ½ cup twice a day after meals.It takes 150 grams of herbs for complete treatment of angina.Six months later it will be possible to repeat the course again.


is used to gargle with frequent angina.Preparation: dissolve in a warm glass of water 1 teaspoon of salt.It should be every day in the morning, brush your teeth, rinse your mouth and throat glass solution.Then you need to call an artificial cough - there will be separation of mucus with germs.

Boiled water.

This method of treatment of folk remedies can relieve you from this disease forever.It is necessary to boil the water in a metal circle, and then as soon as possible its cool.To do this, put a cup under cold running water, in the snow (ice).Remember - the faster cool down the boiling water, the better.Each new batch should be prepared before each rinsing.Treatment: 4 times a day is necessary to rinse the throat, and the remaining "cold boiled water" to drink.The course of treatment lasts for 10 days.Then take a break for one week and then repeat the course.

flowers potatoes.

should be 1 teaspoon of potato flowers pour 1 cup boiling water.Let it brew.It should gargle with warm infusion.This treatment helps to get rid of chronic and frequent sore throats.

raspberry branches.

Take a dry twig raspberry length of about 30 centimeters, and smash it to pieces.Then pour 300 ml of boiling water.Let sit 10 minutes, then you need to drain the water and add 3 tablespoons of honey.Before going to sleep you need to drink a solution and go to bed.Repeat this procedure for 10 days.


Preparation: wash the cold water birch mushroom and then soak it in cold boiled water.It is necessary to insist 8 hours (until the mushrooms are tender).Remove the mushrooms and finely chop or grate on a grater.Fill chaga water in which the fungus insisted in the proportions of 1 to 5, and heat to 50C.Infuse for two days, then strain.In this method of treatment must gargle with infusion of fungus.It is also necessary to take into infusion of 30 ml three times per day.It is also recommended infusion drip into the nose - 5 drops in the morning and evening.


With this method the treatment of angina pair of formalin used.There are two ways of treatment.First method: using a tube of the bubble directly inhale pair formalin for 10 minutes.The second method: 1% formalin solution is necessary to rinse the throat, or by spraying a solution of formalin in the spray area of ​​the tonsils.