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How to remove eye fatigue herbs?

When the body of fatigue appear such symptoms as redness of the eyelids and eyes, headache, dizziness, fear of bright light, tearing, eyelid edema and some eyes, a feeling of pressure and heaviness in the eyes, discomfort in the eyes.Swollen eyelids, there are circles and bags under the eyes.

If eye fatigue recommend:

- to reduce the factors that lead to eyestrain;

- give them a chance to relax, stop working;

- indoors include soft lighting, eliminating glare;

- closed eyelids massage pads index fingers before this procedure to wash hands with soap and water.

How to remove eye fatigue.

eye compress.
Make compresses to the eyes with black long leaf tea, this tea leaves 1/2 dessert spoon fill with 200 ml of boiling water and this infusion insist half an hour in a sealed container.After cooling, the impregnated gauze or sterile cotton swabs, close our eyes and apply to eyelids swabs.Duration 20 minutes, this procedure makes it twice a day.For compresses you can use one-time steaming tea bags.

most effective and affordable folk remedies:

1. most common way to relieve fatigue and inflammation of the eye - tea leaves.Tea should be taken rather weak, freshly brewed.Flush eyes with possible eye with the help of tea trays, using a cotton swab.

2. calendula and chamomile are known for their anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.They are used to treat ocular inflammation.In the cup boiling water take 4 dessert spoons of gathering flowers, fill with boiling water, leave, and then filter and use the eye wash and lotions.

3. Aloe boiled water dissolve and successfully use for instillation in the eye.

4. Honey helps to stop tearing and inflammation of the eye removed.To melt the honey, a cup of honey into hot water, and heated, dripped into his eyes.

5. Cucumber juice is an affordable and easy means for toning the eye and removing them from the fatigue.Packs of this juice has a refreshing effect.Is it possible to cut cucumber slices, and is constantly changing, slices applying them to the eyelids.

6. To remove dark circles around the eyes will parsley.This mass of leaf parsley wrap in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids for 20 minutes.Change compresses several times to more juice parsley affected forever.

7. From bags and swelling save potatoes.Rub it on a grater, wrap in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids swollen for 10 minutes several times to change them.

8. to improve visual acuity drink half a glass of fresh carrot juice, it is good for the eyes, and is rich in beta-carotene.

9. Blueberries used in ophthalmic drugs, improves blood circulation in the retina of the eye.In the summer we should eat more fresh blueberries, and stock up for the winter should be dried or frozen blueberries.

10. Prolonged eyestrain do relaxing exercises, look at the ceiling, then the floor, and then to the left and right.Repeat several times.Let's look forward, as far as possible, then at the tip of the nose.Repeat the exercise 6 times.We close our eyes, make rotational movements of the eyes clockwise and counter-clockwise, making them 10 times.

infusion of eye fatigue .
This infusion will help people to read a lot and for a long time working on the computer.It will help relieve fatigue your eyes.Gathering advance rasfasuem and take a job to make a tincture.

Take in equal proportions parsley, linden, chamomile, dill, thyme and mix well.Take one tablespoon of collection and fill 200ml boiled water, 1/4 hour.Moisten a cotton ball in the warm infusion and apply to closed eyes for 5 minutes.

Remove fatigue herbs.

- We make lotions or compresses of weak infusion of chamomile or sage, of strong tea.

- Take equal parts of mint and chamomile, and brewed as tea, compresses;

- Honey lotion, this boil 1/2 dessert spoon of honey and a half liters of water.

If redness of the eyes and eyelids.

- Making clay water lotions for that dissolve in a glass of water one dessert spoon of clay.

Now we know how to remove eye fatigue herbs.Using traditional recipes of herbs as a preventive for tired eyes, you can make your mind a memorable and beautiful.But also be sure to consult an ophthalmologist, about a particular recipe.