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Treatment of hepatitis traditional methods


signs of viral hepatitis are the following symptoms - poor appetite, the appearance of weakness and fatigue, mouth appears smack of bitterness.In some cases, symptoms of hepatitis appear as cold - runny nose, headache, cough, pain in muscles and joints, fever.

In cases where hepatitis expressed jaundice patient skin and whites of the eyes become yellowish.There are changes in the color of bowel movements - cal acquires a gray-white color and urine becomes dark.

With the development of chronic hepatitis B is deterioration of appetite, appears fatigue, weakness, intolerance to fatty foods, belching, nausea, flatulence.There are dull pain in the right upper quadrant.The patient becomes irritable.There are heartburn, stomach pain, vomiting may occur.


most important condition for the treatment of viral hepatitis is a strict adherence to the diet.Strictly follow the diet must be from six months to a year, or even more, since the discovery of the disease.And do not think that after

a year of dieting, you can go back to the old way of life.If you aspire to live a long and dear to you your health, you have to radically change the entire normal life.It should be completely excluded from the diet spicy, fatty, smoked and fried foods.As well as a complete rejection of alcohol intake.

treatment methods of alternative medicine.

together with methods of traditional medicine is very useful for the treatment of hepatitis using folk remedies.They are in any case not replace the treatment of that prescribed by a doctor and are complementary.Before applying the treatment of traditional methods, you should consult with your doctor.

Your diet will now be vegetable-dairy foods.It should include raw pumpkin.You must eat every day grated pumpkin or pumpkin juice to 0, 5 kg.It is an excellent tool to bring invaluable benefits to the body.


In folk medicine commonly used medicinal qualities of horseradish.

should be grated horseradish root grate.Then take four tablespoons of horseradish and mix with 200 ml of milk and strong, but not boiling, heat.Then put in a warm place to infuse for 7-10 minutes.After the mixture should drain and drink in equal portions during the day.Each day, the mixture should be prepared fresh and take it for a few days.

to treat liver and juice is recommended to use an infusion made from horseradish.The leaves of horseradish is also used to treat hepatitis as poultices for solidification of the liver.

At the initial stage of viral hepatitis, try to drink as much fluid.Drink mineral water and various juices.


for soothing and calming effect when used peppermint disease.Pick and chop 20 g of mint leaves and pour 0, 5 liters of boiling water.Put to infuse overnight.In the morning, strain the infusion and take 150-160 ml at one time during the day.

anise and mint.

When the disease after a fatty meal there stagnation in the liver.In these cases, we can recommend the broth cooked with mint and anise.Anise can be replaced by similar properties cumin or fennel.It is necessary to take half a teaspoon of crushed leaves, add 300 ml of boiling water and put infuse for half an hour.Take in the form of heat during the day in small sips.

leaves and buds of birch.

For an infusion take 1 tablespoon of the kidneys or birch leaves 2 tablespoons and pour 500 ml of boiling water.The infusion, add a pinch of baking soda and leave for one hour.Then strain and take before a meal of 100 ml.

You can also prepare a decoction of two tablespoons of dry birch leaves.Add 200 ml of boiling water and evaporate on low heat to reduce the volume of water in half.Should take one dessert spoon one hour before meals three times a day.The course lasts three months.

St. John's wort, sandy immortelle and buckthorn bark.

another popular method of treatment of chronic hepatitis.It should take 20 g herb St. John's wort, immortelle flowers and buckthorn bark.All of this brew in one liter of boiling water and leave for an hour.Drinking is necessary to five times a day in equal portions.The course lasts 25 days.


the treatment of hepatitis B one of the main objectives is to improve liver function.For this purpose it is necessary to prepare the infusion, using nettle leaves.Take 15 grams of nettle leaves and pour 200 ml of boiling water.Wrap container and leave to infuse for an hour.While brewed, take 15 grams of nettle root and pour 200 ml of boiling water.Simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.Insist the broth should be for 30 minutes, then strain and mix with the infusion.Now you can add sugar or honey to your taste.Should drink half an hour before meals, 100-125 ml, at least three times per day.

can simplify the cooking method - take 1 tablespoon of the mixture of leaves and roots of nettles, and pour 200 ml boiling water, and then boil for 20 minutes.Let sit for about an hour and strain.Take 200ml 30 minutes before a meal, the morning and evening.

Yarrow, fruit of juniper, wormwood, barberry and birch leaves.

Prepare the following collection: Take 20 g of yarrow herb, Artemisia, Juniper, birch leaf and barberry.Then take one teaspoon of collection and pour 200 ml of boiling water, put infuse for half an hour.Take instead of tea in the morning and evening.