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How to cure hidradenitis folk remedies?

hydradenitis often occurs because of streptococcal and staphylococcal sticks.Also, the disease can result from the failure of balance hormonal or endocrine disruption.To cure this disease can not only surgically, but also folk remedies that people have come up over many years.But as the first treatment, and for the second, it is necessary to correctly diagnose the cause of hidradenitis sup-.

Despite the fact that the disease develops slowly enough, the bacteria are harmful to the body strongly and confidently.Immediately prior to the occurrence of the disease on the infected skin infection site is sealed, and the pressure-sensitive person gets sick feeling.Under the skin, you can find a nodule, which is a hotbed of inflammation.Its diameter can be up to four centimeters.Treatment with medicines or folk ways you can begin only after the entry of the disease into the second stage, because in the early days of the disease is almost impossible to detect.But in the second stage the painful area of ​​the ski

n begins to redden, swell and even fester.At the third stage, the skin breaks, pus flow out and the surface is formed on the skin resembling breasts dogs.When signs of hidradenitis sup- need to decide how to treat the disease.Otherwise, it will begin to make progress, because it will not pass on their own even after the pus to the surface.

treatment tablets and antimicrobial agents is not contraindicated.Also very effective is the treatment of traditional methods.There are many recipes in which people are successfully coping with the disease.

honey and egg yolks.

One of the most effective folk remedies is a cake made of eggs and honey.It is easy to prepare, mix the flour with egg yolks, add a little honey and lard.The result is a cake-like dough uncool.And it is necessary to put in place, diseased.Change to fresh wrap following the expiration of time not less than nine hours.

sour cream and flour.

cure hidradenitis, you can use another compress.Produce can be made from flour and sour cream.To lump is not flowed in the skin, it should be dense enough to make and apply on the affected area.A meal for this treatment is right for rye.

Cabbage leaves and lilac.

also for the treatment of abscesses can use cabbage leaves and leaves of lilac.Apply to the skin of the inside of the sheet should be on the boil, before this thoroughly rinsed and cleaned.

«Tibet" patch.

recipes also include well-known "Tibetan" patch.To cook it, you need to mix 50 grams of soap, the best fit is black, as much rye flour, a tablespoon of sugar and vegetable oil.All this is necessary to mix and pour 250 ml of boiling water.Then the mixture should cook for about three minutes, gradually adding shavings of church candles.After the mixture was slightly cooled, it needs to be applied to a bandage attached to the patient and the area of ​​skin left in this position overnight.


very effective folk therapeutic agents are different packs of onions.Here is a simple recipe of one of them: the bulb need to bake in the oven, then carefully divided into plate and attach to the sore spot.On top of the onion make wool wrap and secure with wax paper or polyethylene.


Such compresses should be done constantly throughout the day, as long as the abscess will burst and the pus will come.With the help of plantain leaves can significantly enhance the action of compress.If alternately applying onion and carefully washed plantain leaves, the pus will come out much faster, and the healing process will be faster.After that, the wound can be treated streptocidal solution or ointment.And when it starts the healing, it is recommended to continue to apply plantain leaves.

onions and soap.

To cure hidradenitis traditional medicines, there are other good poultice of onions.It involves mixing finely chopped onions and grated soap.Then add the ingredients mixed with a pre-melted pork fat, and give mass to cool.Such means are well kept in the refrigerator so that it can be used for one and a half weeks.

Skin rabbit.

Our grandparents used another means.They took tanned rabbit skins and lather it on the smooth side.Then applied a compress and held throughout the day, from time to time podmylivaya skins and putting in place.


usual solution of calendula can be treated wound.To prepare the solution needed to mix the infusion of the plant with water.You can use a solution of yarrow or ten percent solution of calendula.

herbal teas.

There are also many recipes for effective ingestion.You can make a useful decoction.For him the need eucalyptus leaves and plantain, calendula flowers, clover and elderberry.All this must be crushed, pour boiling water, bring to a boil and keep on fire for five minutes.Then the broth must insist in the warmth.Take you need at least three times a day, a quarter cup.When used, you can add honey.This means good antiseptic effect, thus it is possible to take both inward and used outside.

At the first suspicions of this disease should immediately start treatment, so as not to run it and not allow it to develop.In parallel with the treatment of hidradenitis sup- need to eliminate all possible pockets of pus and spread of infection in the body: otitis media, inflammation of the appendages, cholecystitis.

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