The relationship with her husband after giving birth

Firstly, in many ways not the right woman.After the birth and in the period while she is breastfeeding, she has a hormonal imbalance occurs, leading to a surge of emotions.Gradually, the wife begins to stall on the husband (of course, it is not on the child?).All his attention and love young mummy addresses crumbs, and his father does not get usually nothing.Or accrue only to accusations of all mortal sins."Again, after the work was delayed," "You spit on me and the baby!", "I am suffering here from morning till night, and you do not understand!" And so on.You can continue indefinitely.

If the first year of baby's life my father's patience is usually enough, the same can not be said of the second and third years.Men think that it is necessary for the family only as a source of income.He feels abandoned by all, abandoned and terribly lonely.Of course, because his wife had no time and effort to talk with him, which is not surprising, since she had absolutely no experience, in addition to child and househ
old.In addition, it is very disappointing that the husband almost does not help.
wife also feels nedolyublennosti, unrated appreciated.From this it is even more attracted to her crumbs to find solace in cares about him ("him at least have a return!" - She thinks).

When the family is such situation emotional unclaimed both spouses - it becomes an excellent breeding ground for conflicts, quarrels, cooling to each other, adultery, divorce ...
woman tries to give all of myself to the child, trying to intuitively anticipate all his desires and throw all theirforces on his upbringing.This mother's desire one thing: that her pipsqueak grew happy.But the baby can be happy only in the family where there is love of father and mother together.If the spouses are for each other just "mom" and "dad", harmony in the family is broken.

Naturally, the mother, especially if she is breast-feeding the child, it is very difficult to switch from the baby to her husband.With a child she was used to apply, and what would not have been with him the difficulties still to him she just.A relationship with her husband - it is much more difficult.Yes, and a constant lack of sleep the mother also plays a big role: the woman simply does not remain the strength and desire for anything, she wanted only to sleep ...
And so, with each passing day, the distance between a man and a woman, so expensive first people to each other,increases.In addition, a woman, due to hormonal changes in the body can not adequately perceive many situations, taking all the insults at his own expense.

If you see that your family fits the phrase "she went to the child, and he went to work", then you urgently need to do something.Think about it: it was also some kind of hurt in your relationship before the baby is born?Do you in fact have common friends, interests and experiences?So what's the deal?After all, you are the same people interested in each other, just the family you now became for one man more.For the normal existence of a family piggy common interest themes and experiences should be replenished all the time.You can not always live past memories, sooner or later you get tired of it, and this is not enough.By the way, the child does not have such a young age to get used to the fact that everything revolves around one thing - so he will grow up selfish.You do not want to, right?

If all of the above fit the situation in your family - do not sit back and act.Let the husband helps with the baby and the house, then you will have time for her husband.Detract from the child often leave crumbs on grandmothers themselves and go somewhere together.The main thing - careful approach and the lack of haste on the part of wives and husband.You'll see, if you make steps towards each other, the ice starts to melt between you!
I wish you all was well!

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