Honey - a valuable therapeutic product

It so happens that some beekeepers bees are fed her cane sugar.In this case, we talk about the honey can not.The value of honey weight in gold - is so rich in its chemical composition (fructose, sucrose, biologically active substances, vitamins, macro- and microelements, various enzymes).In addition, the composition of honey is very close to human blood plasma.Because of this, it is well absorbed by the body.
Honey - a valuable therapeutic product - has strong antibacterial and antibacterial properties, so in ancient times it was used even for the storage of meat (meat piece daubed in honey and lozhili in the hollow of a tree).By the way, based on this property, one can check the quality of the honey.To do this, a little bit pour it into a bowl, and put a small piece of meat.If a couple of days the test sample is not rotten, so before you natural honey.
It's no secret that honey is very good for health.A person who constantly uses it for food, your body has an invaluable service.This has been known sinc

e ancient times.It was then that honey began to use not only in food, but also used as an effective therapeutic agent.The diet of the patient always included dishes from honey.This has contributed to its speedy recovery.In the piggy bank of traditional medicine, there are many recipes to help you in a variety of diseases.Honey is used as a tonic, tonic, restorative power tool.
If someone in the family had a cold, do not rush to open the medicine chest and take out the drug.It is better to ask for help to honey.Give it to the patient with warm milk.The proportion is as follows: one tablespoon of honey per 100 grams of milk.He tortured coughing?Not a problem - medical help.To do this, before going to bed, take lemon juice in combination with honey.Or take in equal proportions honey, butter and vodka soak a few minutes in a water bath until a uniform consistency.Take a tablespoon three times a day.There is another recipe for cough: take black radish, cut out the middle of a (in the form of capacity), and put 2-3 tablespoons of honey.In just a few hours filled with radish juice.This juice with honey drink a tablespoon 3 times a day.And remember, radishes better keep in the dark and every two days to update the edges for a better allocation of juice.Tea with honey and lemon is very good as a preventive agent during epidemics of viral diseases.Just remember - never lozhite honey in hot water from this it loses its medicinal properties.The tea should be warm.

Regularly eating honey, improves the heart muscle (coronary vessels dilate, which is good for the treatment of coronary heart disease), normalizes the blood, increases the hemoglobin.

Honey has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.It helps to get rid of constipation.Relieves gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.Very good to eat a spoonful of honey and drink warm water after a sumptuous feast.Honey helps to digest food faster and removes the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

People suffering from insomnia, and help the honey.A teaspoon of honey with warm milk quickly takes you into the arms of Morpheus.

The low protein content of the honey will be useful for people suffering from kidney disease.They can be recommended to use it with lemon juice and infusion of rose hips.

good news for the female half.Honey - a great cosmetic, which perfectly protects the skin from wrinkles and even helps get rid of them.Use a sweet drug by adding it to the cream or egg yolk.Apply this mixture on the face, and then the skin is permanently retain elasticity and fresh look.Very good help honey from the lip chapping.Apply honey on his lips and hold for an hour and you will see what will become soft and smooth your lips.Make a wonderful mask for hands.Mix 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and one egg yolk, apply a massage on your hands.Hands cling film wrap and hold for 20-30 minutes.Then rinse with warm water.Exactly the same composition nourishing mask apply on hair for half an hour and put a plastic cap.Then rinse with warm water and shampoo.And your hair will always be soft and silky.

Finally I want to give you one piece of advice: buy honey beekeepers only.It is desirable that you know them well.The ideal situation, of course, will be having our own hives with bees, but that not everyone can afford.And try not to buy honey in the store - there is a large proportion of the probability that you will fall is not a natural product.

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