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Benefits and harms of genetically modified foods

genetically modified foods: what it is and how they are prepared.

called genetically modified or transgenic organisms, which are present in cells genes transplanted from other plant species or animals.It is then that the plant could have additional properties, for example resistance to certain pests or diseases.With this technology it is possible to improve the shelf-life, yield, taste plants.

genetically modified plants produced in the laboratory.First, from some animal or plant to obtain the desired gene transplant, then it is transplanted into a cell of the plant, which want to give the new properties.For example, in the US strawberry cells transplanted fish gene, leading in the northern seas.This was done to increase the stability of strawberries frost.All GM plants are tested for food and biological safety.

In Russia, have banned production of transgenic products, but allowed their sale and importation from abroad.On our shelves many products made from genetically modified soybeans - is ice cr

eam, cheese, protein products for athletes, powdered soy milk and so on.In addition, permitted the importation of GM varieties of potatoes and two maize varieties.

The useful and harmful genetically modified foods.

product use is obvious - it is to ensure the population of our planet's agricultural products.World population is growing, and the acreage is not only increasing, but most often reduced.Allow genetically modified crops without increasing the space, many times to increase yield.Such products are easier to grow, so their cost less.

Despite many opponents harm products not certified by any serious study.In contrast, GM's products enable after a certain time to get rid of various toxic chemicals that are used in the cultivation of many crops.The result of this can be mentioned reduction of chronic diseases (particularly allergic), and other immune disorders.

But biologists do not deny the fact that nobody knows what impact the use of GM foods on the health of future generations.The first results will be known only in a few decades, this experiment is able to spend time only.

genetically modified products, which are present in our stores.

Most others in the store found genetically modified foods from corn, potato, rapeseed, soybean.In addition they have fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and some other products.GM plants can be found in the composition of mayonnaise, margarine, candy, confectionery and bakery products, vegetable oil, baby food, sausages.

These products are no different from the usual taste, but are cheaper.And sell them there would be nothing wrong if the packaging manufacturer pointed out that it is genetically modified products.The man himself would be able to decide what to buy him: GM products are cheaper or more expensive usual.And, despite the fact that this marking is mandatory (if the content of GM foods from 0, 9% of the total volume of goods) on the health and hygiene requirements in our country, there it is not always.

main supplier of GM products in our country is the United States, where there are no restrictions on their production and sale.Genetically modified organisms and plants used in the manufacture of its products such companies as Coca-Cola (sweet carbonated drinks), Danone (baby food, dairy products), Nestle (baby food, coffee, chocolate), Similac (baby food), Hershis (soft drinks, chocolate), McDonald's (fast food restaurants), and others.

Research has shown that eating GM foods does not cause direct harm to the human body, however, this fact has not been confirmed by time.

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