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Hibiscus tea - a drink of the Pharaohs

Rosella - a herb of the family Malvaceae.A more familiar name for us - hibiscus.All parts of the plant: leaves, seeds, flowers - are successfully used the peoples of southern cooking.However, it is bright red calyx plants are the raw material for the manufacture of beverage Hibiscus.Rodina "red rose" - India.Today the plant is growing in all areas of our planet with a tropical climate.

Grow "mallow Venice" (one of the names hibiscus), and can be at home.To do this, you need seeds, which can be easily found in the bags of tea Hibiscus.The seeds take root well at home and be sure to please you with bright red blooms in the first year.In China the plant is called "Chinese Rose".This is where the Hibiscus was used since ancient times as the ambient culture.

large number of (about 150) grown hibiscus commercially.This interest is caused not only a pleasant taste and a refreshing drink Hibiscus effect, but also a great benefit to health.In the east, having the glory of the Pharaohs drink cure for all diseas


Red hibiscus gives substance anthocyanin.This is one of bioflavonoids that have properties of vitamin P. This vitamin is necessary for the body to maintain the strength of the vascular capillary permeability adjustment.

hibiscus beverage contains many other vitamins, antioxidants, organic acids, polysaccharides.Tea is useful to maintain overall body tone.It is an excellent remedy for the first sign of a cold.It helps regulate blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, excretion of toxins, toxins, heavy metals from the body.Drink Hibiscus stimulates the cardiovascular system of the body, it protects the liver against harmful factors.Useful flowers Rosella and after brewing.The swollen petals contain vitamin C, a large amount of amino acids and protein.However, be aware that hibiscus tea increases the acidity of the stomach, so it is not desirable to use in acute gastritis and ulcers.

Flower Tea is very common throughout the world.In different countries, the drink has its scope.For example, in Latin America Hibiscus is considered a festive drink.This is particularly evident during Christmas.In Sudan and Egypt Hibiscus necessarily present at a wedding feast.None of toast lets slip not without the drink.In the US, Rosella sold as a diuretic in pharmacies.

Wide popularity of tea has identified many ways to brew.There is one rule that should be the same for any brewing method.To drink the infusion is better to use glass, porcelain, ceramic, but, in any case, not a metal container.Metal spoils the true taste of the drink.To prepare the tea used crumbly as large petals dark red or tea, packaged in the infusion bags.

most common methods of brewing:

  • pour 1h.l.tea with boiling water and infuse for a few minutes, drink hot;
  • ready to cool a hot drink and a cold drink with ice;
  • flowers pour cold water and infuse for about 8 hours.

variety of flavors Hibiscus possible by adding various ingredients.If we add the traditional tea and lemon sugar, then get a taste close to the native juice.Adding spices such as cinnamon, ginger, mint, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and so on. N. Allows to prepare non-alcoholic mulled wine.

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