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Causes, consequences and treatment of binge eating

consequences of binge eating affect many areas of the patient's life - social, family, professional and emotional.Some causes of overeating due to prolonged abstinence from food (various restrictions on food and incredible passion for strict diets).But most of these disorders are caused by emotional dependence and instability.Let's look at how binge eating can upset the mental, emotional and physical health.

Gluttony syndrome (food excesses).

Each of us from time to time is a glutton when it is not able to give up a delicious gala dinner of pizza, a favorite pudding and all the favorite, but not very useful, dishes.Often we can not say "no" Izobilnoye home dinner or savory snacks at a party.But it is not yet gluttony.

eating disorder characterized by very frequent exacerbations abnormal appetite, when a person consumes food in huge quantities (dietary excesses).Patients suffering from overeating, often do not realize how much eaten.They absorb food at an incredible speed until they feel a temporary

relief.Then these dietary excesses are replaced by self-loathing and guilt.Gluttony inexorably leads to obesity, and from there follow the formation of low self-esteem and loss of self-esteem.

for people suffering from eating disorder is often characterized by the avoidance of large gatherings of people, society.These people prefer to lead a reclusive lifestyle and be alone.Their oppressive sense of helplessness and powerlessness.

Because eating disorders are often the cause for the development of various diseases, with an accuracy of mortality for them is difficult to determine.Especially, eating disorders are often unnoticed or ill, fear of condemnation of others, carefully concealing his condition.If treatment is not gluttony, his physical, physiological and emotional consequences can be very scary.Eating disorders are more common among women than among men.This is explained by the desire to meet the women fledged canons of beauty.

Causes of this disease are varied:

  • Often overeating is a reaction to anxiety, boredom, melancholy, stress and even anger.Such impulsive overeating - a symptom of psychological eating disorder, the causes of which lie deep in the past.Food depressed for many is a kind of therapy, when a person seeks emotional void to fill chocolates, pizza, French fries, cheeseburgers, not even knowing that for him the food has already become a real drug.
  • Overeating may be due to too much fad diets or even bulimia, when the periods of voluntary renunciation, limitation in food and asceticism alternated with bouts of absolutely unrestrained gluttony.
  • Some researchers argue that the problem of binge eating may have a genetic basis.It often happens that suffer from this disorder, several family members.

Gluttony seems quite harmless, but in reality, it is very dangerous to health.Perhaps the development of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, some forms of cancer, increase in blood cholesterol levels.Increased body weight - the natural result of frequently occurring dietary excesses.With obesity appears shortness of breath, joint disease, hypertension.In addition, obesity is overeating and further may cause neuroendocrine disorders, and those, in turn, lead to digestive disorders, kidney function, sexual function, to eating disorders.

How can I get rid of binge eating?

Fat people suffering from gluttony, very eager to lose weight.But strict adherence to the diet can lead to opposite results.Therefore, it is important to treat this disorder apply psychotherapeutic counseling and behavioral therapy to change the patient's response to stressful situations.For the treatment of people suffering from eating disorder, frequently used cognitive behavioral therapy.Patients are encouraged to maintain control over their eating behavior, to understand the impact stressful situations on eating habits.Also effective communication, finding specialized groups and individual counseling sessions.

Interpersonal psychotherapy helps people to see the error of their thinking to develop scenarios and schemes to give impetus and desire to make changes in lifestyle and patterns have taken root in the mind.A patient suffering from overeating, you need to help review the unhealthy eating habits.He needs to learn how to more positive attitudes about themselves as a whole, and not feel a sense of helplessness and guilt.

also very important to begin to control food intake, a few adjust their lifestyle habits.A prerequisite is fitness.It is necessary to incorporate them into your daily routine, because apart from the fact that fitness helps to lose weight, it also reduces anxiety, relieves stress.In extremely serious cases prescribed antidepressants such as sertraline (Sertraline), fluoxetine (Fluoxetine) or desipramine (Desipramine).