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Pain in the knee joint folk remedies

cure knee pain is possible in the form of compresses, ointments warming, various rastirok.Typically, the pain in the knee - is only one unpleasant symptom of a chain of precursors of disease.Therefore, you need to worry not only about the knee, and all joints: Doing disease prevention, to prevent contact of hands and feet with ice-cold water, do not drink cold drinks, eliminate drafts at home and at work.

In folk medicine, there are several methods to eliminate pain in the knees.All of them are similar in the components included in the composition and method of use.For example, several wraps of knee pain are made from raw potatoes.Many ways to use a variety of herbs, most of which find no difficulty.We invite you to familiarize yourself with the most effective folk remedies.


When the deposition of salts in the knee joint can be to prepare a solution of iodine and alcohol.Ingredients must be connected in equal parts, then strain into a glass bowl and a day in a warm place.When the solution b

ecomes clear, rub into the knee joint.Wraps and tape up is not necessary.


When severe pain to the knee joint is applied with a swab own urine.Compress is desirable to make the night to wrap up the film and tie.

Potatoes, kerosene

Take one potato, good wash and chop on a grater with peel.The resulting mass is mixed with one tablespoon of pure kerosene.Apply the mixture to the knee for 15 minutes every day before going to bed, and then wipe dry and wrap a woolen cloth.The procedure is repeated for a week to complete disappearance of pain.

potatoes, horseradish

grind to a fine grater potatoes and horseradish root.Mix in equal parts and apply for forty minutes to the affected area with a thick layer, then the polyethylene wrap and wrap.After removing the compress the mixture to pass into the container, tightly cover and refrigerate.The next day the mixture was warmed in a water bath and repeat the compress.Treatment by means of informal medicine repeat 4 more times, but with the re-prepared mixture.

egg, turpentine, apple cider vinegar

Prepare ointment follows: Whip the yolk of one egg with a teaspoon of turpentine, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.Daily rubbed into the knee and wrap up woolen cloth.

frog skin

Folk medicine recommends that if the knee swells and festers, applied to the affected area removed from the frog's skin.


Take large onion, cut into two parts, the inside of each of the halves cut to juice flowed.At night, put the bow on both sides of the knee, then you need to compress bandage.Repeat the treatment of pain several times until it is healing.

Dandelion, cologne

Yellow dandelion flowers pour eau de cologne and put in a dark place for forty days.Elbow grease the day, before going to sleep, until the complete disappearance of pain.


Take 100g of elecampane, mixed with 0, 5 liters of vodka and put infuse for three days.To prevent burns before applying compress the affected area is recommended to grease with vegetable oil.The infusion used only for external use.

Chamomile, black elderberry

Mark 0, 5 cups of chamomile flowers and the same amount of black elderberry, pour a small amount of boiling water.Wrap and leave to infuse for 15 minutes.Then drain and the resulting press cake put in a bag made of cloth.Apply to the affected area and wrap up warm.


Pour boiling water bucket green pine branches.Infuse one day, and then warm up and wash the knee joints.Treatment is carried out within a month, daily changing branch.


If the knee swells, it is necessary to take calendula bush together with the root, wash well and boil in water for two minutes.Welded bush applied to the sore spot warm, wrap the top with a cloth dampened in the same solution.Knee Wrap with cellophane and tie a woolen cloth.The procedure is carried out at night, four times.

honey, soda, salt, mustard

Mix equal parts of honey, soda, salt and mustard.The resulting mixture is applied to the knee before going to bed, wrap in foil and wrap up warm.Repeat the procedure for a week, until the complete cessation of pain.

vegetable oil

With the development of osteoarthritis of the knee recommend rubbed into the feet warm vegetable oil.The course of treatment lasts for a week.

kerosene, methylated spirits

Mix equal parts of kerosene and methylated spirits.Then add the three pods of red hot pepper.Cover tightly and remove it stand for a month in a warm place.The finished tincture before use must be thoroughly shaken.Rub the night in the knee joint, and then tightly wrap a woolen cloth.

Oat straw

Grind oat straw, wet with water and put in a cloth bag.Apply to the affected area, on top of a "cushion" to put a hot water bottle and wrap up warm.If you want to compress again the next day.


Melt over low heat 50 grams of fresh butter.After boiling, the resulting foam to collect the spoon.Add the alcohol in the same amount, which has turned foam.The resulting mixture is well mixed and set on fire, causing the alcohol will burn and the ointment will be useful.Her warm rubbed into sore knee.Immediately after applying ointment to wrap the knee warm cloth.

Pig fat, gun oil

In stores you can buy hunting gun oil, which must be mixed with pork fat.The resulting mixture was heated on a steam bath until complete dissolution.At night to smear the affected area received ointment and make a warm dressing.Sometimes, to improve the effect of such a procedure can be carried out during the day.Repeat the treatment until they are cured.