Where to spend summer vacation with a child

What you need to prepare to walk remains enjoyable for all and did not bring problems?And in general - whether to take a child this year?And if so - what to take for him?

a lot of questions, and not just those who first time this year removes the baby out of the city: because children grow, their needs change, and change is often already familiar layout and regulations.Let's try to remember everything we have taken into account when training camp to the country, if not forgotten that during the long winter?

Home - preparation

If you are going to travel with infants - do not worry, the age of such visits is not a hindrance.Of course, everything is very individual, but in healthy children over the month is usually no contraindications to the country rest does not happen.

You just have to pay special attention to living conditions in which the child will be, and to provide all the details.Yes, and look after my mother crumbs required quality amenities just above camping.Sometimes the question of wh

ere to spend summer vacation with a child, many mothers respond immediately - to the country house!

heat his home

First of all, of course, a holiday home should be warm.This is especially true for travel in early summer or late spring (many are beginning to leave the city in the first days of May), and closer to the fall.Even if the afternoon heat, at night can cold, in which case will require additional heating room: a stove, fireplace, electric heater.

bad stock and warmer, and if it does not exist - just fill with hot water from the kettle plastic bottle, wrap it in a towel and put in a cot for half an hour before you need to style your baby sleep: in bed warmed kids fall asleep even better in unfamiliarlocation.

's time to the table

By the way, what will you heat water, and generally prepare food?If there is a hot water or regular gas stove - great, if not - must not forget hotplate.However, for short trips is fine and portable gas on a small bottle (sold in such stores with tourist equipment).They and the water is heated and food is prepared much faster than a hotplate.

Big Wash

Water, note you will need a lot - and to drink and to eat, and in order to wash or bathe the child.And in order to quickly wash soiled things babies - and even more will need to be at least a bucket ... And, most likely, no one more than once.So that children under one year is better to go for the city only where there is water, and it is desirable in the house, at least - on the site.

Bath day

For bathing the baby will need to bath (do not forget to take with you).To put it best in the house, so as not to catch cold crumbs - for bathing floors can be covered film to protect it from the inevitable spills and splashes.For the night and the morning washing and cleaning the baby's best to heat the water in the evening, and pour into a large (at least 2 liters) a thermos, this training will greatly facilitate the efforts you awake.On the sink is also necessary to think in advance - if you throw out the water after washing directly into the garden, it is not the best "watering" and "fertilizer" for your site.

pool for swimming in the summer heat and the water games in an older child, starting from 3 years old, very convenient pool.The easiest way to buy an inflatable desired size - it's safer.It is advisable to install it so that at the beginning of the day the sun was on the pool (the water warms up faster), and then, when it will be possible to bathe the child - in the shade, or at least in partial shade.Generally every corner for long games kid better placed in the shade of trees, sheds - even not too hot spring sun delicate baby skin can burn quickly enough, and on summer days the shadow is a must for protection against sunlight or heat stroke.

There is one condition for placing the children's holiday corner - it should always be in sight of adults: only it gives at least some assurance of timely prevention of a variety of troubles.

Sandbox & Co

Besides the pool, in a corner definitely need at least a small sandbox and swings will not prevent - not only children love riding them, but to roll up their toys.Speaking of toys: soft, fur and fabric, in terms of country dirty pretty quickly, so it is better not to take, unless the favorite - but leave them "to live in the house," not to make the place where they will be in the water,and in the sand ... Small toys can get lost pretty soon, the same applies to any dull-colored, especially in gray-green color: favorite plastic toy soldiers "will hide" in the grass quickly and reliably.But the perfect choice for garden are inflatable toys, balls, sovochki, buckets, etc.

And so on and so ...

Well, of course, need spare clothes - not only to quickly change the filthy, but warm, in case of sudden cold snap (we are not uncommon, andbetter not to risk the health of the baby).Do not forget the rubber boots, especially if you are scheduled walks in the woods, where even grass without rain in the lowlands may be crude.Mandatory kit "for all occasions", including the means of allergies, insect bites, for the treatment of abrasions, cuts, burns, abrasions, etc.

What else? Take your time, think, make a list in advance - and collecton it, so it will be easier to remember something at the last minute. All checked everything ready? Then a good journey and a pleasant stay to you and your child!

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