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Mold black, green: how to fight it?

mold is present almost anywhere.We do not even notice how it breathe disputes with air.Mould gets food and begins to grow under favorable conditions for it.

There are many types of mold, and each type has a different structure.However, each mold has two filaments, one of which extends upwards and the other penetrates.Threads mold can reach the entire area of ​​the product.Therefore, even cutting off part of a product where there was mold, it is not necessary to use it in food.

Green and black mold are so named for the color of its threads.

green mold.

green mold, she Trichoderma, occurs most commonly on food.It is similar to the one with green mold, which lives in the ground and used to make the drug penicillin.

green mold growing very fast both on the surface and inside of the product.The most optimal conditions for the existence of this type of mold - a high humidity and heat.

products on which you notice even a small patch of mold, you should immediately throw, t. To. The filaments themselves

, which formed a mold can be toxic and to poisoning.After removing the green film jam, you not protect this product.Toxins are already contained in the whole jam.After eating such a product, you are setting yourself up for poisoning.

black mold.

This type of mold we can meet on the walls in the hallways damp in the bathroom between the tile and its joints in basements, which holds pickles and vegetables.If the mold a bit disturbing, it is in large quantities will send their disputes through the air.These spores are very toxic.Breathing in this mold, you can feel the choking, nasal congestion, watery eyes.The constant intoxication of this kind of mold spores can cause serious diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, allergies, cancer.

Green and black mold: how to fight?

mold is very difficult to fight.Even if you make a very expensive repair, mold may appear again.All this is due to the fact that mold satisfied with the humidity and temperature in your home.If mold spores will fall on the wet surface, it immediately begins to grow.

The optimum temperature for the existence of mold - it is 20 degrees and the humidity is 95%.Mold is very afraid of drafts and ventilation.First, and most importantly, where to start the fight against this scourge is to ensure good ventilation and make sure that the humidity of the room is not too high.

greatly increases the likelihood of mold in the house of mud.A very large number of mold spores is in ordinary house dust - they can begin to germinate at any time.

in wet areas can not contain the books, wood products, natural fabrics.In order for these products did not appear mold, it is important to constantly ventilate the room and equip it with good ventilation.

excellent conditions for the settlement of mold in your home - it is constantly dripping tap water, condensate, wet walls in the bathroom.

Mould afraid of high temperatures - at a low temperature, it does not die.To get rid of the dispute, it is necessary to boil the thing for about 2 hours at a temperature of 100 degrees.

wonderful remedy for mold - a drying things and sunlight.

To protect your home from the mold, the construction of prevention must be observed.Usually they are in the processing of the material protivoplesnevymi compositions.If you do not, then almost any material (wood, carpet, laminate, concrete, brick) is quickly spoiled.

basement walls from the mold best solution to process paper glue or copper sulfate.The walls are damp areas can be treated with lime.To deal with the existing mold in the basement, you need to burn sulfur in it at the rate of 200 grams of sulfur per 100 square meters.m. premises.

Bathroom walls, basement, furniture, flooring, which settled the mold, it is necessary to process the following composition: 44 grams of potash quartz, 18 grams of salt, 22 grams of copper sulfate dissolved in 1 liter of water.

recommended sprinkle table salt areas of the floor on which settled mold.

Books, which also appeared mold, it is best to handle formalin diluted in water.Here's how: it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab in the solution and blot them infected leaves.

Next wonderful recipe will help you as much as possible, keep the bread without mold, which is especially important on a long trip.In a small vial should put a small cotton ball soaked it in iodine (5-10 drops).Close the neck of another bubble a loose cotton ball and put in a bag with bread and tie.The taste of bread that did not spoil, and it will be stored for a long time.The same bottle can be put in the refrigerator.Couples iodine will not allow mold spores to germinate.

When the walls of a refrigerator or bread box black spots recommended "contaminated" surface process baking soda.Breadbaskets preferably after this treatment to hold the sun and the refrigerator further rub and leave to dry, it does not close the door.

for treating wood surfaces from mold well suited salt "Bischofite".Tree to avoid getting mold, impregnated with natural varnish.

In humid areas do not place furniture close to the wall.

winter, the house should be a good air circulation.It is necessary to immediately wipe the condensation at the windows fogged up, wipe dry the floor and walls in the bathroom.

Now you know what is the mold, as well as how to deal with it.The knowledge gained will help you secure the home, as well as the health of this misfortune.