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The use of chicken fat and meat

Use chicken fat

chicken fat is absorbed quite easily.It melts at a low temperature (35-37 degrees), has a pleasant taste and smell.Most often, chicken fat is used for cooking meat birds.Use of fat from the birds due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids, essential for the organism.Especially in these acids children need.Therefore, if you stick to the diet and disclaims all fat is not attached to a strict diet of children.After unsaturated acids in chicken fat, are involved in cell growth, the normalization condition of the skin (it is important in adolescence), removes harmful cholesterol and so on. D. Lack of unsaturated fatty acids leads to problems with the skin, slow down the growth of children, reduced immunity.

Chicken broth at all times was considered the perfect food for the sick, debilitated people.But recently, nutritionists are increasingly doubt the beneficial properties of chicken soup.And in the open call not to use it for food.These statements have prompted doctors to conduct re

search.It was found that the fat chicken broth not ideal dietary product.However, it is extremely good for the heart.It improves the cardiac muscle and vascular wall.In parallel, it was found out that the presence of chicken fat and meat in the broth does not increase blood pressure (as previously thought).If the daily drink fresh coffee cup of chicken broth, then over time people with arrhythmia to normal heart rhythm.The benefits of chicken meat and fat in the broth doctors explain the specific content of chicken protein - peptide.As well as the content of extractives.They are forced to work "lazy" stomach.

In foreign dietary journals increasingly recommend the use of nutrition and chicken fat in the form of soups, and chicken.Of course - in reasonable quantities!This is especially true for patients with type 2 diabetes.White meat chicken (and other birds) is preferable to red meat.It reduces the concentration of bad cholesterol, rejuvenates vessels, reduces the amount of protein in the urine.

Use chicken

like chicken fat, chicken meat is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.Therefore, the use of meat is undeniable.Chicken reduces the risk of hypertension, prevent coronary heart disease, strokes and heart attacks, normalize metabolic processes in the body, strengthens the immune system.

Chicken meat is considered the best available sources of protein.Its concentration is very high - more than the other species.In chicken meat contains 22 5% protein.For comparison, turkey - 21, 2%, duck - 17%, goose - 15% Beef - 18, 4%, pork - 13, 8% lamb - 14, 5%.Therefore irreplaceable chicken growing organism.This chicken is quite lean, easy to digest.Also, the chicken - the champion of amino acids necessary for the person.If there are problems with blood vessels, choose chicken breasts - they are the minimum content of harmful cholesterol.

Another explanation good chicken - presence of specific protein compounds.They act on the body like a bolus vitamins.There mobilize the protective functions of the whole organism.Chicken is rich in iron legkousvaemoey form, copper, magnesium, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, sulfur.

also chicken meat rich in vitamin B2, B6, B9, B12.B2 is involved in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, maintains "battle" state of the central nervous system, thanks to him, nails and skin are in a healthy state.B6 regulates exchanges of fat and protein is also useful for the skin and nervous system.Vitamin B9 is indispensable in the process of hematopoiesis, healthy flow of pregnancy, is involved in protein metabolism, increases the stability of the whole organism to the adverse environmental factors.Because vitamin B12 strengthens the immune system, getting back to normal blood pressure, depression and insomnia disappear.It is necessary for the reproductive organs.

Chicken universal.It is useful at low and high acidity of gastric juice.Delicate, soft fiber chicken act as a buffer, "tying" the excess acid by duodenal ulcer, irritable stomach syndrome, gastritis.It is very easy to digest, because there was little connective tissue (unlike beef).Chicken meat - one of the dietary.It is indispensable for patients with diabetes, in case of problems with the stomach, obesity, junk if the cardiovascular system.Fans diets recall that the chicken - the most low-calorie.

The benefits of chicken fat and meat speak research.However, all must know when to stop.The variety of food is important, because the ideal food there.

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