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10 most dangerous foods

Carbonated drinks

What cola, lemonade and other soft drinks are harmful - even children know.But for some reason we do not stop using them.And in vain!Studies show that they lead to osteoporosis, tooth decay and heart disease.Many soft drinks contain large amounts of sugar so high in calories.Those beverages, which use sweeteners cause erosion of tooth enamel.

Sparkling wines and tonics containing alcohol

Alcohol - a harmful product.No wonder it is contraindicated in children and pregnant women.In principle, dry grape wine has antioxidant properties and contains several vitamins.But sparkling wines and tonics uniquely among the hazardous foods.They contain a lot of sugar so high in calories.Adding the fact that in tonics contain many artificial colors and flavors.But the main harm to that of carbon dioxide under the influence of the stomach expands and increases its permeability.The resulting alcohol is almost instantly into the blood stream, giving adverse effects on the cells of the brai

n and the liver.

Ready soups

Once chronically short of time for lunch, rescue soups and broths.But the soups - a semi-finished products with a high content of salt and flavor enhancers.Therein lies their danger.In using them from time to time, you will not harm the body.But their regular consumption is undesirable - especially children.

pork rind

In many countries, pork skins are part of the national cuisine.They are especially popular in Eastern Europe.The dishes containing pork rind are obtained tasty and nutritious.But the health benefits they bring.Moreover, they are among the most dangerous foods.The danger is that the pork rind - is hard and heavy food for the stomach.Moreover, the skin is prepared with a high content of salt.Pork skins often contain raw hairs that do not digest.They can lead to inflammation of the appendix.Furthermore, skins harmful to teeth.Studies show that they damage the tooth enamel.

Fried desserts

toasted desserts lately quite popular.No doubt - they are very tasty.But they are in the list 10 of the most dangerous products.Do not be fooled by the fact that pineapples and bananas can not fall into this category because they are the fruit. After they are prepared in a large amount of oil and dipped in sugar syrup.From useful vitamins little that remains.But thermally processed fats and sugar - not the most useful products.

French fries with cheese

French fries becomes part of the national cuisine.As he did not like?After all, it is so delicious!And if you go for a vacation to the south, where it has added cheese.By itself, the fries - heavy food.And in combination with the thermally processed cheese into a "bomb" to the organism.Cheese contains 10 times more saturated fat than fish, white meat. In collaboration with potato carbohydrate meal is becoming really dangerous.

Liquid products

One of the hottest trends in the diet are smoothies - food brought to the fluid-like state.It is tasty, nourishing and easily digested.However, the liquid products are usually recommended for young children and sick people.A healthy person can eat liquid food, but it can not replace the entire diet.It is difficult to control the amount of calories in liquid food.There may be more water and be more than the dry product.Furthermore, the liquid food unbalances the digestive system.The stomach begins to "lazy."After all solid food stimulates gastrointestinal tract.

preserved meat

Canned meats and semi-finished products themselves are not very dangerous foods.Yes, they contain preservatives, colorants and flavor enhancers.And sausages salt and saturated fat.But the greatest concern is the fact that we are not able to control their composition.It may be that the meat in it and no!Or contains lots of soy, including genetically modified.Or exceeded dose preservatives, flavor enhancers, and so forth.Agree that the regulatory authorities are not able to check all the party food.Therefore, the quality of these products depends on the conscience of the manufacturer.

chicken nuggets and fish

Chicken and fish nuggets (sticks, figurines) are semi-finished noodles.They are also considered to unsafe food.The bottom line is that they generously sprinkle with breadcrumbs.When frying oil they absorb like a sponge.As a result, their calorie content is hard to predict.In addition, many kinds of chicken and fish sticks prepared from meat, which also absorbs grease during cooking.If you like fried chicken, better buy a whole white meat without any breading.


impression that the world is obsessed with donuts.Fashion for donuts in the 21st century from overseas migrated and old Europe.Covered with icing or cream they certainly stimulate appetite.But the health benefits do not carry.Wheat flour is combined with a large amount of sugar and vegetable oil makes them dangerous.After eating a couple of donuts indicator of blood sugar rolls.It may be a shock glucose.Such foods provoke the development of diabetes.In addition, the food, rich in carbohydrates and fats, is addictive.Such foods like donuts, chocolate bars, colas, fries (and other) drug called food.

say "no" 10 most dangerous food!

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