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Beet table, its useful properties

What is remarkable in this, at first glance, the usual vegetables - beets ordinary, where lie the beneficial properties?It turns out that a lot of them.This is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals.All of its beneficial properties contained in the roots.Firstly, it is different sugars (glucose presented, sucrose and fructose), wherein the content reaches about 25%.In the beet contains a lot of important acid - folic, pantothenic, organic acids - oxalic, malic, citric.The high protein content is very useful for the body, and high content of vitamins such as BB, P, PP, C, B, trace elements - magnesium, calcium, iodine, cobalt, iron and potassium - speaks for itself.Many of the elements contained in the beet, regulate metabolism and prevent anemia.

Useful properties of red beet scientifically proven.In recent decades, studies were conducted in which it was shown that beetroot helps the body absorb proteins and increase the activity of liver cells due to its content of betanin and betaine.Also, beet

is an excellent preventive measure against constipation, improves urination, reduces blood pressure, has a slight anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.The apparent advantage of this vegetable is also low calorie content - that is, the beets can be used, if you stick to a diet for weight loss.

As can be seen, useful properties of beets much.But, nevertheless, there are contraindications.Due to the fact that it contains substances slow down the absorption of calcium by the body, it is not recommended to use for people with osteoporosis.The high content of various acids imposes restrictions on the use of this vegetable in gastritis with high acidity and sugar - diabetes.As noted, beetroot has a laxative effect, so it can not be used for diarrhea.It is also better to refrain from its use in diabetes.

But it would be a mistake to believe that the beneficial properties of beets are contained only in roots.Beet juice also keeps useful plants, providing a restorative effect on the body, improving metabolism, increasing the hemoglobin in the blood and improve its structure, lowering blood pressure.Gargling beet juice will be useful for angina, tonsillitis and chronic diseases of the tonsils due to strong anti-inflammatory effect.In this rinse beet juice dilute lukewarm water in the ratio 1: 1.

also useful to drink beet juice, but because of the specific taste of his first best breed other juices such as carrot, apple, or any other, add honey, jam.Beet juice is not as aggressive, such as cabbage, acts on the stomach and bile contributes withdrawal from the body.Also, the good news is that regular consumption of beet juice helps to permanently preserve the smoothness of the skin and a beautiful complexion.

Now a little about the importance of table beet, its beneficial properties.In folk medicine, the treatment of beet known recipes of various diseases.It helps with constipation, and it is believed that the use of this vegetable during menopause relieves irritability and hot flashes and helps to easily transfer this period.If zastuzhen trigeminal nerve, beets also help - you just drop in your ear beet juice and lay it with gauze and soaked in beet juice.Even with such serious diseases such as fibroids, breast fibroma, and this vegetable comes to the aid of - you need to grate raw beets with peel, squeeze the cake and put two days in a row to the chest or lower abdomen, leaving for the night.Third day - break, then - again two days apply the beets.Duration of treatment - 20 nights of treatment.Then - a break in the month and a half, and then repeat the treatment.

beet fashionable to cook healthy and delicious salads - just mix it with cheese and sour cream.And if you want something "interesting" - you can make a salad of beets, cucumber and garlic with vinegar and sour cream, or beet salad with prunes.Of course, this is not the whole list of dishes from beets - everything is determined only by your imagination!

Beetroot - a useful and inexpensive vegetable, so let it will always be on your desk!And many diseases you can avoid, because you are now aware of the importance of table beet, its beneficial properties!

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