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Symptoms and proper nutrition stroke

symptoms of stroke.

Stroke - acute circulatory disorders of the brain when the brain tissue poorly supplied with oxygen and nutrients.The brain tissue can not survive without oxygen, so it dies, and this is reflected in the functionality of the structures, bodies under the responsibility of the affected area of ​​the brain.

There are two types of stroke - ischemic and hemorrhagic.They occur for many reasons, usually on the background of atherosclerosis, atherosclerotic plaques scored when blood vessels.This disaster often bypasses and arteries that carry blood to the brain.If it happens that the lumen of the blood vessel plaques hammered suddenly narrows (in times of stress, for example), suffering part of the brain to which the vessel delivers blood.The affected blood vessels are larger, the more extensive ischemic stroke.

Hemorrhagic stroke occurs more often due to high blood pressure, artery ruptures, blood flowing from it disrupts the brain.Proceeds of such a stroke is heavier than ischemic.

Power stroke.

It has been said that the hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke have a different origin.But high blood pressure is and atherosclerosis.Therefore, we can derive general recommendations for nutrition during stroke.

Power stroke is of great importance, although there is no special diet.Combined with good rest and moderate exercise, it is able to prevent the recurrence of stroke and fully restore the patient's condition.What are the recommendations?

It's very simple, suitable recommendations of the World Health Organization for a balanced diet.Menu is necessary to make such a manner that it was sufficient fat, protein and carbohydrates.The basis of a balanced diet are cereals, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, seafood, lean meat and fish, vegetable oil (small amount of butter as necessary).

very useful fat sea (but not the river) fish: tuna, salmon, sardines, herring, because it contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids of good cholesterol, and actively participates in all biochemical reactions in our body.The result of activation of metabolic processes is to reduce the bad cholesterol, which is made up of atherosclerotic plaques.In addition, marine fish contain phosphorus, improves metabolic processes in the tissues of the brain.

In diseases of the brain useful, any vegetable, but especially shows dishes of spinach, cabbage and beets - they improve the biochemical reactions that occur in the brain.And they can be consumed in its raw and cooked.Good cabbage in fresh and stewed and pickled.From fresh beet salad can be prepared, rubbed it on a small grater and season with sour cream or low-fat vegetable oil.Some people do not eat raw beets.In this case, it can be put out or boil - useful properties is not reduced.

also very useful and fresh berries and fruits.But here, too, have a preference for the brain.The most useful is blueberries and cranberries.These berries have active antioxidant properties - they fight free radicals (highly reactive and harmful molecules without one electron).Free radicals tend to take from other molecules, this electron, leading to the destruction of cells and various diseases, such as atherosclerosis.

necessary to permanently exclude from the menu (first train yourself at will, until it eventually becomes a habit) fat river fish, fatty meats, smoked, salty and spicy food, sweets, baking, canned foods.

after stroke should focus on salt.Once in the blood, it draws fluid from the surrounding tissue into the blood vessels.As a result, blood pressure rises, blood vessel walls, and already weakened by disease, can not sustain and burst.In the early days after the stroke is better to cook without salt, and then you can add some salt a little food.

stroke Diet is very important, and it will have to comply not for a while, and the rest of life.