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Medicinal properties of seeds and nuts

In ancient Babylon, the common people were forbidden to eat nuts.It was believed that because of the stronger mind nuts and commoners do not need it.Nowadays everyone can afford a little nuts and sunflower seeds.A unique collection of useful substances contains every kind.Nuts are rich in various substances.They are rich in trace elements such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium.And also contain vitamins A, E and B group

Peanuts Peanuts is perhaps the most popular nut in the world.Its value not only for nutritional value and taste, but also healing properties.Wonderful source of folic acid, which helps cell renewal, contained in peanuts.It is also called peanuts.Easy choleretic effect is contained therein fats.These nuts are useful in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.Peanut is needed for the normal functioning of the nervous system, liver, heart and other internal organs.This nut also improves attention and memory.Peel Peanut is a potent allergen, so you need to use it in a purified form.Als

o, it should not be abused raw peanuts, because it can cause digestive disorders.


Walnut is a champion for medical properties.It is useful for those who need to increase immunity and not replace in the season of colds.It contains much more vitamin C than citrus fruits and black currants.Walnut is easy to fatigue after exercise and strengthens the muscles.Wound healing, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, tonic effect possess the fruits of this nut.They reduce the risk of heart disease and senile dementia, as vitamin E, which is found in nuts, prevents the formation of cholesterol and protects the blood vessels.The walnuts a lot of iodine, so they are recommended for regular use in areas with increased radiation background.

Almond Almond is also famous for the healing properties.It was the largest number of almonds contains calcium and vitamin E. These nuts are recommended for use with the gastrointestinal disease and kidney disease, with a glass of hot milk.Almond oil eliminates irritation to the skin and moisturizes it.Just a few pips in a day can be taken if the bitter almonds.It contains a large number of essential oils that can be harmful to health.When elevated levels of cholesterol, tumor diseases, eye diseases, hypertension useful sweet almond.

Pistachio Pistachio Nuts - not just a treat.Pistachios are useful for recovering from an illness.Also nausea, liver disease, jaundice, with heart disease.When selecting these nuts should be aware that the more greener the color, the more they are ripe.And hence, have high therapeutic properties.


hazelnut helps in the treatment of many diseases.It is useful at elevated pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue.It is effective for varicose veins, inflammation of the veins, an enlarged prostate.Due to the low carbohydrate content hazelnuts can be eaten without fear to get better.It can rightly be considered the dream of nutritionists.Treats chronic bronchitis and soothe the nerves of the hazelnut milk.To cook it you need in one glass of warm water to soak 50 cores chopped nuts and let stand for 10 hours.Then rubbed in a mortar, infuse for 3 hours.After the boil and strain.To this solution, add 2 dessert spoons of honey and 5 tablespoons of cream.Take before a meal and 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.


addition of nuts, are well understood and the therapeutic properties of seeds.Of all the seeds we use the most sunflower seeds - for simple, sunflower seeds.Some argue that the seeds can be harmful to our health, but it is not.Sunflower seeds are a useful product.They are rich in fat-soluble vitamins - A, E and vegetable fats.Seeds slow the aging process and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood contained in a vegetable oil fatty acid.However, overweight and obesity is not desirable to use a large number of sunflower seeds.It is also desirable to use overdone (burnt) seeds.The most useful wet or dried in the oven (on the stove).

unique collection of useful substances contains each of the varieties of seeds and nuts.These gifts of nature not only affect the activity of the human brain, but also benefit the body.Due to curative properties of seeds and nuts is recommended to use them regularly.But only if there are no contraindications.