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Symptoms and proper nutrition in myocardial infarction

Symptoms of a heart attack.

Myocardial infarction - a serious disease of the heart.It is a form of ischemic heart disease, which is characterized by circulatory disorders of the heart muscle - the myocardium.Myocardial infarction necrosis (necrosis) of a portion of the myocardium.

stages of the disease: the prodromal (between precursors of the disease), acute, acute, subacute, scarring period (after infarct period).

Power myocardial.

Proper nutritional therapy - is an essential element of the treatment of the heart after myocardial infarction.Diet during treatment divided into three diet.First follow the diet during the acute period, the second shall be appointed in the subacute period, the third - the period of scarring.

initially restricted diet of the patient, both in terms of calories, and relative to the amount of food intake, which gradually increases.The nature of the disease requires almost complete in some cases complete, elimination of salt.To give a taste of added lemon juice, vinega

r, parsley and dill.Food should be warm - hot and cold food is not acceptable.Excluded products that cause fermentation in the gut: sweets, grape juice, beans, milk and so on. D. Unacceptable pickles, meats, fatty, spicy, preserved foods.

The diet must necessarily be foods rich in potassium (for normal functioning of the heart muscle), magnesium (for vessels), stimulates the bowels (to prevent possible or eliminate existing constipation).

At the beginning of the acute period (first 2 days) in the diet is present only in the form of drinking water, diluted juice (grape juice should be avoided), non-carbonated mineral water, juice, broth hips.

products used in the future, should be easy to digest, to be nutritious.The food must be cleaned and to take frequent small meals 6-7 times per day."Raw" are accepted only fresh juices, other products should be boiled.In the acute period following permissible dishes: biscuits;pureed vegetable soups and porridge, boiled in water;mashed vegetables;steam scrambled eggs;dairy products.You can add a little butter dishes.

In clinical nutrition using low-fat meat and fish varieties.In the first period permissible meat dishes in the form of steam cutlets, souffle, meatballs, and so on. N.

second and third diet involves a gradual increase in calories and weight.Expand the list of permitted products.The second diet meals not frayed but in particulate form, the third - in the divided state and in one piece.

In general, therapeutic diet aimed at restoring and improving heart function, prevention of atherosclerosis, which is the main cause of myocardial infarction.It must be taken into account other disease organism.The important point is to prevent obesity, which is possible due to a sedentary lifestyle recovering person.

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