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Symptoms and proper nutrition with urolithiasis


Urolithiasis - this formation in the urinary tract and kidney stones as a result of congenital metabolic disorders.May violate various parts of metabolism, therefore, different stones are formed.In violation of the exchange of oxalic acid formed oxalates, calcium and phosphorus - calcium phosphate, uric acid - urate.Sometimes the nature of stones mixed (conglomerates of various salts 2-3).

Factors that may be a precursor to stone formation: the composition of water in a particular area (it may contain, for example, a lot of calcium), hot climate, or, conversely, the lack of sunny days a year, the nature of power, lack of minerals and vitamins in food, bone disease, bone fractures, dehydration, kidney disease and urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract.

stones may form in the bladder and ureters, renal pelvis in and manifested by pain in the hip, one side of the waist, abdominal pain, frequent urination, discharge of small stones and sand in the urine, blood in the urine.Characterized by bou

ts of renal colic - cramping sharp pain where the stone blocked the lumen of the urinary tract.Almost always urolithiasis accompanied by inflammation in the urinary tract and kidneys.

Power disease.

metabolize by receipt and processing of liquid and nutrients entering the body with food.Therefore, patients with urolithiasis in their diet must take into account the composition of the rocks, the acidity of urine and features of metabolism.To do this, follow these rules:

  • daily should drink an increased amount of fluid to reduce the concentration of urine and the excretion of salts along with it;
  • if there is a certain marital metabolic disorders (eg gout), it is necessary to restrict the flow of food substances of which are formed in the urinary tract stones;
  • food should create in the body mostly acidic or alkaline urine (it depends on the nature of the stones: some are more soluble in acidic medium, the other - in alkaline);
  • is not overeat, this violated the metabolic processes.

Any diet appointed for a limited period of time, the duration of which is set by your doctor.Prolonged restriction of any product may cause irreversible damage to the body.

  • Diet for urolithiasis patients with metabolic disorders of uric acid.

When violations of the exchange of uric acid develops gout, which leads to changes in the joints.In the kidney, thus formed urate - stones of uric acid salts.To prevent stone formation, should be excluded from the diet of the patient foods rich in purine bases from which uric acid is formed in the body.This meat and fish broth, fish, meat, young animals, organ meats, mushrooms, peanuts, beans, cauliflower.

recommended: fruit, vegetables, berries, cereal, eggs, bread and dairy products.Fish and meat can consume only boiled.

urate are formed at acidic urine, therefore, it is required alkalization, it happens in the use of dairy plant foods and drinking alkaline (weakly alkaline mineral water, such as "Slavyanovskaya").

  • Diet for urolithiasis patients with metabolic disorders of oxalic acid.

Violation of exchange of oxalic acid leads to the formation in the urinary tract its salts - oxalates.Their formation is not dependent on the acidity of urine.This metabolic disorders should be excluded from the diet of foods containing oxalic acid (chocolate, cocoa, figs, lettuce, spinach, all dairy products), and to limit the consumption of foods containing a lot of vitamin C (citrus fruits, rosehips, etc.. D.).It is also limited to all the dishes on the basis of gelatin (jellies, jelly), smoked, spicy dishes, seasonings, salt.

In small quantities allowed the use of tomatoes, onions, potatoes, beets, carrots, blueberries and currants.The rest of the fruits and vegetables can be eaten without restriction.Helps cleanse the body from oxalates dogwood, grapes, apples, pears, plums.

-oxalate stone formation is often combined with a lack of magnesium in the body.Therefore, we can recommend food rich in magnesium: prawns, some varieties of fish (sea bass, carp, flounder), bananas.The positive influence of foods rich in vitamin A (fish roe, fish oil) and B6 (shrimp, bananas).The liquid should be taken necessarily in large quantities - juices, fruit drinks, tea, water and so on. D.

  • Diet for urolithiasis patients with metabolic disorders of phosphoric acid.

case of violation of phosphorous-calcium metabolism is an increase in the allocation of phosphoric acid to form stones in the urinary system.The insoluble salts fall under alkaline urine, so you need food, acidifying the urine.The diet should be fats of vegetable and animal origin, fish, meat, eggs, peas, beans, porridge oats and buckwheat, fruits (apples), berries (cranberries, cranberry) and some vegetables (pumpkin).

excluded from the diet of all other fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products.If this diet is supposed to many restrictions, so it is recommended in addition to its vitamin-mineral complexes that do not contain vitamin D.

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