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Symptoms and proper nutrition at dysbacteriosis

Symptoms of dysbacteriosis.

in the human gut - the normal microflora, helps digest food.This lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, several types of Escherichia coli and the like.But along with useful microflora in the gut is always a certain amount of conditionally pathogenic, actively proliferate under certain conditions and cause various diseases.Moreover, the pathogenic microflora hinders the process of digestion.A state where the number of conditionally pathogenic increased, in fact, called dysbiosis.

During dysbiosis violated not only digestion, but also the immune system.People suffering from it often sick colds.

Dysbacteriosis may occur during treatment with antibiotics, during severe illnesses, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, and the like.Almost always occurs dysbiosis with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

symptoms of dysbiosis are bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weakness, fatigue and a variety of allergic reactions.

Power dysbacteriosis.

Due to the fact that the mechanism and the causes of dysbacteriosis may be different, and the diet also should be more or less individually.However, there are some general guidelines for nutrition in this disease.

For example, the diet of patients with dysbiosis should not include digestible carbohydrates.When prolonged diarrhea is not recommended flour food, while vegetables and fruits are assimilated quite well.However, sometimes, raw vegetables, which contain a lot of roughage, poorly digested patients dysbiosis, so they should be replaced stews.

If the disease in the gut dysbiosis lead the processes of decay, the fruit and vegetables are simply irreplaceable.Vegetables should first use boiled or stewed, and then gradually move to salads, fresh juices and fruit salads.Inhibit the promotion of food products and reduce diarrhea, which include tannins (strong tea, blueberry, cocoa), the food in a shabby, mucous soups, concentrated food and small amounts of liquid.

When constipation are advised to eat meals that encourage the promotion of stool through the intestines: fruit juices, dairy products and puree.However, if constipation continues, the food should be enriched in fiber fresh fruits and vegetables.Most of all useful fresh salad, which was called "broom for the intestines."Helps to speed up the promotion of food and cereals (oats, buckwheat, barley and millet porridge) and cold dishes.

patients dysbiosis must eliminate from your diet foods that cause irritation of the intestinal mucosa.These are smoked, pickled, spicy, fried, sour, spicy dishes, as well as some vegetables: radish, garlic, onion, sorrel, sour fruits and berries.Negative effect on the gut strong meat, mushrooms and fish broth.

By "average" products include meat and fish in the chopped form, bit the dried white bread.

Some people can not bear dysbiosis fatty foods.This suggests that they have zhelcheobrazovatelnoy liver function disorders.

nutrition in diseases dysbiosis should abound in vitamins and minerals, which are actively involved in digestion.If intestinal dysbiosis positive effect is applesauce.During exacerbation of the disease it is cooked stewed apples sweet varieties.After reducing exacerbations, switched to apples in grated form.Puree apples is a prebiotic, that is a good breeding ground for the intestinal microflora.Moreover, because of the content in apples sufficient pectins, they have an astringent effect, which makes them especially useful in the propensity to diarrhea.

When dysbacteriosis is not advised continued compliance with proper diet, as this may aggravate the disease.Therefore, the diet is recommended to comply only with the aggravation of the disease.