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What is the raw food diet, and it is helpful or harmful to the human body

For most people, food is an end in itself, that is, they eat only because the process it is a pleasure, not because they want to feel good and be healthy.Therefore, for such people in the main dishes taste rather than good.It is the main cause of misunderstanding use a raw food diet.

H. Shelton, a well-known nutritionist, said that people who prefer cooked meals are alive only because it is still in their diet are found living foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, juices and so on. D. Only through these products organismgets the right amount of nutrients.Philosophy of raw food is that by eating raw foods, without heat treatment, we obtain a maximum amount of useful and nutrients.

benefits of a raw food diet

useful if raw food diet for the human body or may cause him harm?In an attempt to answer this question, I remember saying "that one good, the other - death."Of course, the raw food diet is beneficial and can restore health, but it all depends on the person - whether it's him?

According to statistic

s, the raw food diet adherents get sick less often.And in the case of minor ailments the body of such people much faster coping with viruses and infections.A cancer and heart disease in general uncommon for "raw foodists".

Dietary fiber contained in raw foods, helps get rid of hemorrhoids and constipation.To assess the benefits of raw food can people suffering from kidney and skin, rheumatism, such as food and normalizes water metabolism.This reduces the amount of salt consumed, and this, in turn, recommended for hypertension.

Dates and nuts are high in calories, however, using a 5-6 pieces only of one of the meals, you can maintain a sense of satiety for several hours.When this body receives the required amount of energy.

raw food diet favorably affects the condition of the teeth and gums, significantly reduces the risk of oral diseases.In addition, it is able to save people from this unpleasant problem as breath.


raw food diet raw food diet is harmful if eaten raw foods mindlessly.In order not to harm your body in such a diet, it is necessary to know a few rules.For example, some "raw foodists" choose beans as a staple food.However, they have only rarely recommended because they contain large amounts of trudnousvoyaemyh substances that can form toxins in the stomach, on the decomposition and elimination of which the body has to expend too much energy.

Carrot - an excellent source of vitamin A, but the fiber that it contains, blocking its assimilation.For the assimilation of the vitamin needs fat, besides better use grated carrots.Sorrel, spinach and rhubarb in its composition contain a lot of acid, which prevents the absorption of calcium, and even prevent its penetration into the body.Therefore, before using these plants is recommended to at least treat them with boiling water.

contraindication for a raw food diet can be the presence of a person allergic to certain types of protein, which is neutralized during cooking.Also, this method is not recommended for the elderly and small children.

Many doctors are ambivalent about the transition to a raw food diet completely.They recommend that adhere to the ratio of raw foods to cooked 60 and 40 percent, respectively.This is due to the fact that you can not eat raw foods such as potatoes, fish, meat, and many others. In addition, residents of large cities is almost no possibility to use the required number of different raw foods and those that are on the market, most often, you canattributed to conditionally moist.

Dairy products undergo a process of pasteurization, and often contain preservatives.Raw milk may be obtained only from the village, because only it retains all the nutrients.

Nuts and dried fruits are produced in special drying chambers, which, of course, reduces the number of active natural substances in them.A general can fry the nuts.

raw food products

What products can be used for a raw food diet?In the first place, products of vegetable origin.These include fruit and vegetables, sesame seeds, peanuts, corn, peas and beans, poppy seeds, sprouted grains, flaxseed, grain apricots, berries, herbs and edible herbs, which are set in our nature.Some "raw foodists" include in your diet non-yeast baked whole grain breads.

Special attention is also paid to the choice of drinks.So you can drink mineral and pure unboiled water, fruit drinks and juices of fresh berries.You can even have a useful natural product, created by nature itself, like honey.

Should I change my diet and completely switch to a raw food diet, one has to decide.The decision must be considered, and the level of their health sensibly priced.Often the negative attitude to this kind of power develops on the example of people who are negligent attitude to the assessment of their health and rashly decided to become a "raw foodists".As a result of this food led to a worsening of the disease, what to blame, they say, eating only raw foods.Such people and spread rumors about the dangers of a raw food diet.

If you decide to go on a raw food diet, and for this, in terms of your health, there are no contraindications, do it gradually.For starters give up alcohol, black tea and coffee.Then reduce the use of bakery and confectionery products, semi-finished products and concentrates.And when you are completely excluded from the diet of these products, you will feel a surge of strength and health.

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