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Traditional methods of treatment of bone on the legs

Traditional methods of suspending the growth of bone in the foot.

Madder dyeing.

With the growth of bone recommended a decoction of madder dye, which helps normalize the metabolism in the human body and removes excess uric acid.To do this, one teaspoon of the root of the madder poured a glass of hot water and boil in water bath for ten minutes.Then the broth must be cool, strain and take on the inside half a cup twice a day.

Dandelion iodine.

Assistants from malicious growths are also yellow dandelion flowers.One hundred grams of dandelion flowers to grind and dry to give them a little, and then added to a drug feed iodine in an amount such that it covers the flowers.Use this tool should be since they configure themselves for four days.Legs well steamed, dry it thoroughly, and then the resulting composition for the treatment of bone on the foot is applied to it in the form of a grid.This procedure is recommended daily for the night, for two weeks.

Mustard, fresh-water sponge, machine oi

l, turpentine.

the same time with the use of a decoction of madder be lubricated with ointment growing bone, cooked at home.To prepare such an ointment to mix one tablespoon of mustard (dry), the same number of concoctions and engine oil, two tablespoons of turpentine.The sight and smell like ointment, of course, is not impressed, but the treatment will be effective.

Burdock, turpentine.

good traditional medicines to reduce the seed on the feet will be burdock (burdock) and pharmacy turpentine.We need a couple of big burdock leaves little grease turpentine (with a green side) and wrap them part of the leg from the foot to the knee.Then, on top of the mug you need to wrap the leg with a plastic bag and wrapped in woolen cloth.The procedure is carried out daily for three months.But applying such a wrap, be careful when heated leg under him do not get burned.Such use advised burdock leaves during the growth of not only bones.The procedure, conducted at least once every ten days, will not only disease prevention, but also normalizes the body's metabolism.If turpentine gives much discomfort, it can be deleted.

Iodine salt.

alleviate pain in bones contribute fifteen-minute warm baths.To this end, in one liter of water needed to dissolve ten drops of iodine and two tablespoons of salt.Salt-iodine baths should be regular.For unyatiya pain can also be lubricated daily build-up iodine.

Iodine aspirin.

By ten milligrams of iodine is added to five aspirin tablets, the mixture is thoroughly shaken.When dissolving aspirin iodine becomes colorless, obtaining funds is popularly known as "pharmaceutical cocktail", it is recommended for the night grease the growing bone.The procedure is done three days, after which should be followed by a two-week break - and again three-day course.

egg, vinegar essence, turpentine, lard.

no less effective in the growth of bone in the foot ointment is prepared in the following way: at the bottom of faceted glass put a fresh egg (white shell) and fill it with vinegar essence, so that the egg is completely concealed.Then this structure should be put in a dark place and let stand for about two weeks - until complete dissolution of the shell.The shell then dissolved eggs thrown, and the resulting composition is added to ten grams of pharmacy turpentine and one tablespoon of melted lard (you can also use petroleum jelly, butter or fat magazine).All mixed thoroughly - and ointment ready.Methods of treatment needed to alternate - day of the bone lubricated with ointment, iodine per day.


It will be effective and compresses made from propolis.To do this, soften hands needed to make a piece of propolis and at night to the growing bone, securing the bandage.In the absence of propolis can be purchased at the pharmacy and do it the infusion of wet compresses.

Fir oil, river fish.

for Siberian fishermen, hunters, and healers Taiga has always been a second home, and so they knew what a positive effect on bones while the remainders have fir oil and fresh river fish.Fish intended for the treatment, need to be refrigerated, but not frozen.Because it is recommended to make compresses, applying to the bones cool pieces of fish at night under the bandage.It is also important alternation: a week to make compresses of fish a week in the build-up rubbed fir oil.A full course of treatment should be three months.

All of these treatments can be quite effective, but rather that they were mainly in the auxiliary treatment.And, if necessary, still need to consult a surgeon.

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