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Medicinal plant goldenrod

Goldenrod - a medicinal plant.
goldenrod plant - a perennial herb, sometimes can be dwarf shrubs.In it reaches a height of 1 meter with a straight stem, the leaves are arranged alternately, the lower leaves are narrowed, and the upper - sessile.Pyramid-shaped inflorescence, yellow, faint odor.Flowering golden rod begins in August and ends in October.Just in this period manifested its healing properties.Goldenrod like sunny places, which is why it grows on open slopes, forest edges, clearings.
process of collecting and harvesting of medicinal raw materials.
As mentioned above, in August, begins flowering goldenrod, at this point gets curative properties.It applies only to the aerial parts of goldenrod.Therefore, for the collection of leaves at the top are like.Dried in the shade, in a well-ventilated place.The active components of the existing plants, which provide its unique properties - tannins, flavonoids, saponins, essential oil.
pharmacological properties, the use of official medicine.
Goldenrod - the drug is widely used in medicine.Very often, it is used to wash the kidney, bladder for elimination of inflammation.It is used in skin diseases and liver.In addition, decoction goldenrod helps in the normalization and the acceleration of metabolism.In Germany, goldenrod is recommended by specialists for preventive and therapeutic processes of urolithiasis, inflammatory processes of the urinary tract.That's just the way of treatment is only suitable for patients who do not suffer from kidney and heart failure.Goldenrod is used as a decoction.In addition, it is composed of various herbal teas.
Application goldenrod.
Since ancient times in Russia goldenrod tincture used to treat kidney stones and cholelithiasis, inflammation of the bladder, also as a diuretic and sedative.Infusion of the plant helps in the treatment of rheumatism, gout, cholecystitis, eliminates stomachache and bowel disorders.It is also useful for the treatment of edema, nocturnal enuresis, pyelonephritis, cystitis.Goldenrod can help with edema, whooping cough, diarrhea, and treat asthma and tuberculosis.
Use in homeopathy.
Goldenrod is used as a homeopathic remedy.It is prepared from fresh flowers.Homeopathic medicine - drops taken several times throughout the day.It is used to treat chronic kidney disease, rheumatic pain and minor swelling of glands.
use of traditional medicine.
very famous goldenrod common in folk medicine.It is used to treat a variety of diseases: the bedwetting, for the treatment of skin diseases, gout, rheumatism, urinary system.Golden rod - "assistant" in asthma, whooping cough.If the freshly picked leaves and a little mashed goldenrod applied to the wound with pus or gum, which is inflamed, they live better.
Methods for producing medicines from ordinary goldenrod.
To prepare the infusion of goldenrod, you must take 1 tablespoon finely chopped parts of medicinal plants.Pour ½ liter of boiling water the grass in an enamel pot.Leave to infuse medication all night, morning, drain.Infusion taken for half an hour before a meal, 2/3 cup three times per day.
Recipe infusion golden rod to treat chronic nephritis: 2 tablespoons minced raw materials necessary to half a liter of water.Boil the raw material for 10 minutes, and then give it brew for about an hour.Strain.Apply the recommended infusion for 30 minutes before a meal, four times a day.The dose was 100 ml.
decoction for treatment of nephrolithiasis.To prepare the broth, you need 1 tablespoon chopped medicinal raw pour 1 cup boiling water and hold 5 minutes on low heat.To insist broth for 3 hours then strain.Take the medicine 2 tablespoons three times a day.
Tea from goldenrod.2 teaspoons herbs need 14 liters of cold water, cover the plant with water and bring to a boil.Brew tea.Wait 2 minutes.You can immediately and steamed herb with boiling water and infuse 10 minutes.If there are no contraindications, should drink 3 cups daily, for the prevention of various diseases of the bladder and kidneys.
side effects of drugs based on plants.
As a result of today's data goldenrod plant has no side effects.Yet, before starting treatment should consult with a specialist about the contraindications.

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