Childbirth - time to create

Children's beliefs in adulthood may change dramatically.However, as the man himself.For example, I absolutely did not like to read the.I've had plenty of girls' Affairs, and the book did not have enough patience.It seemed a long time to sit on the ground - it is impossible torture.Who would have thought that, having become pregnant, I'll initiate the purchase of books and magazines for the care and upbringing of children?We worked through it together with her husband.

And this book awakened in me the need to create for a newborn son.How?

Everything in order

It all started with the fact that before the New Year, I thought about a gift for the child.Time was enough - my son a lot and slept a long time.In the quiet hours I made him a festive hat and ... a huge carrot.The idea arose as if by itself, but the day before, I was looking through the relevant sections in children's magazines.Apparently, they are lit in me the desire to create his own hands.One day, walking through the snow-covered town, wen

t to the bookstore (again book!).Looking immediately fell to the set for cross stitching for the birth of a child - the time to create!I really liked the drawing - horse in the heart, and I decided to buy a set.After approaching Valentine's Day, baby and wanted to please something special.

While sonny slept colored crosses went one after the other.That lit the stars in the sky, there was horse muzzle.One heart, more ... Done!From this embroidery I sewed a small pillow.And a holiday son was asleep on her cheek pressed against a horse.

Magic box

educational toys Artem lot.But watching his games, I discovered that something was missing.Plus I read about the need to exercise fingers.Therefore a small box and he took it obkleila relief wallpaper.Then he sews fabric bags, which fill in the cereal: buckwheat, rice, semolina and beans.All this is put in the trunk.He added large seashells, pebbles, rabbit's foot, feathers.The result was an excellent exercise for the development of fine motor skills.Child all touched, he rolled in the palms, shifted from hand to hand, listening to the sensations.He liked it!Enough to fill a box, close it and let your child.Ten minutes to spare for mom ensured.I could easily solve urgent business, and Artem - iterate its countless treasures.Thanks to the birth of a child - time to create manifested!

course, sale is a huge number of developing mats.I do not argue, they are bright, and feature-rich.Studying one by one, I suddenly found myself thinking that I could sew better than factory.In the course went to a children's duvet cover, lining fabric in different colors, buttons, Velcro, children's applications in a variety of animals.In the middle of the mat, I placed a large sun with rays.Two of them were fastened buttons of different shapes, textures and colors (so I decided to teach a child to button and unbutton).Between rays I sewed ten figures (triangle, square, circle) of various colors.Each numbered (we learn geometry and arithmetic).

protagonist of our rug
- caterpillar named my child at his side.There are also Tsvetik-semitsvetik a bee with an elastic band, a small house with a door with Velcro, which sits near the dog.Above the clouds float house.On one of them - the pocket where the moon lives.During the day she sits in her home in the evening swims in the sky.We crawl on our mat and a ladybird-lacing.Interestingly, her eyes shining.And to do this was quite simple.I caught the stick and put a bug in his head gear.The body is placed one of the other toys.Now ladybug still talking.Once the child wants to play with her, she says: "I love you!»

growing under the sun and tree.On the branches to eat fruit (the buttons), which can be assembled into a hollow-pocket.Nearby there is a pond with goldfish under a transparent fabric.Now I have a new project brewing: cards with the Russian and the English alphabet and the seasons.I cut them out and draw small animals, transportation, fruits and vegetables.Placed on top letter of the alphabet.When finished, I do not stop there.Already I am thinking about a suit-a tuxedo for a child.And be sure to come up with something else or look for ideas in books.

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