Little kid - a favorite miracle

all in your little kids - favorite miracle touches, makes you want to keep, to protect against any sorrow, to make his life full and bright.And while you feel anxiety and uncertainty, because the reality so changeable.Yes, anything can happen.And it is unlikely it will be possible to protect the crumbs from the setbacks and losses ... The older he becomes, the more freedom requires.This will entail not only fun, but also frustration.However, happiness is not the absence of problems.You can do most importantly - give your child a strong sense of harmony here and now, to teach him to enjoy a bright and profound experience, appreciate and understand them.And then he will carry this ability through his life.

Immerse yourself in your love

basic need a little kid - a miracle to be loved loved his mom and the whole family, to feel as close to rejoice that he was just there in this world, know that it is - a gift of fate momand dad.To pipsqueak saw this, first of all it needs a generous body contact with

their families.As often as possible hugging her toddler, cuddle.At the same time, see him in the eye, smile and say kind words.Some sources can be found: the baby grew calm and confident, it should embrace and kiss at least eight times a day.

But is mutual love of parents and children can be subjected to arithmetic calculations?Parents, frankly express their feelings!Grandparents, aunts, let dyati also not shy.Let your hugs are not duty-calculated and spontaneous, pleasant expression of adoration, support and encouragement.Try to convince the strict dad that this attachment will give the kid a sense of confidence, that he is a good and proper.That is what will make the child brave, strong.Immunity is born of love and safety it will allow him to quietly open the world and people interested in the mass of the unknown fascinating things.As a result, feel behind the wings.

catch the moment

Already, you can help your child distinguish between the moments of happiness and treasure them.He jumps on a trampoline, and you watch his beaming face, jumping from a ledge in the pool to meet you and leaping laughing.But he was startled, he leaned to you and listen to the story of the straw, coals and fasolinki.

Divide and live with him this amazing event, smile, a kiss on the top of his head, and push yourself to your little one.Paused for a moment and say, "How are we good together!And have fun, and relax ... "The kid will learn to recognize and appreciate these moments of intimacy, trust, unity.He is on personal experience feel the genuineness of the relationship.

to himself

Sometimes parents are so eager to help the child develop it, to encourage new achievements that did not leave him time to live moments of happiness, enjoy them, "soak" the quiet joy of being in harmony with yourself.Learn silence and "non-interference".Be close, close, but gives crumbs freedom immersed in their own feelings, do what gives him pleasure.Let it completely pointless rolls back and forth typewriter, long twists in the hands and sees the same cube, fills "Malaki" one sheet of paper after another.Baby, baby face calm, concentration, serene ... Do not rush to throw teach him to draw a fish or man, to build a house out of blocks or send a ship on a long voyage.Wait until the crumb himself distracted from his work, will attract you.After that, it is quite possible to offer cooperation and with him begin to build a garage for cars and truck shipping on cubes.

company needs

The older your fidget, the greater his need for joint action in which he can show his skills, dexterity, wit.He wants you to cook dinner with my dad play football with senior little brother to collect ship model.Being together and collectively do something - happiness itself!And if we successfully obtained - double happiness!Organizes collective training.Let crumbs Wash the potatoes and carrots for soup, help both children distribute the work to assemble the designer or folding puzzles, offer the pope with his son or daughter to glue the box for "hidden treasures."And remember, in any case can not be criticized for the kid awkward inability, for what it did not all work!On the contrary, it is necessary to maintain a good word, to reassure and help.Soaked cleaning protrete the two of you.A wrong item safely replace necessary.For the box, you may have a second time to cut the cover.But how wonderful it is - to achieve this goal!Scarce feels like a full-fledged member of the family, self-esteem and satisfaction.In addition, in an environment of support and calm attitude to failure in it secretly brought tenacity, not fear difficulties.


people positive thinking, to do good, filling every day living boldly look to the future.Cause they argue, always a smile on his face ... Optimism - is one of the components of happiness.It's great if you manage to instill his own child.Is displayed on the personal example that any situation can find a way out.Do not talk about changing the black and white stripes, teach to recognize the vibrant hues of reality.Do not let revel in the suffering.It is better to explain what life lessons need to learn and more to him not to return.What's next?Destiny prepares gifts!


Can you be happy?Today, right now, at this moment?If so, and crumb learn: to have fun because he does, be proud of yourself, to love, to be loved, and enjoy life.