Modern baby stuff for your convenience

room where the child is, in itself bright.Largely due to the small resident, because of the children come such tenderness, warmth, naturalness!But do not ignore the "decoration" of the room.If everything is pleasing to the eye - it's so nice to be!And how fun to play and learn!And what dreams are dreams!Still would!Thoughtful interior (with a set of furniture made of eco-friendly materials), good lighting, carefully selected parts work wonders and give a good mood.

Luminous question

Children should be netemnoy (pick them up wallpaper, furniture is not bright and pastel colors), with large windows.Then, even in the winter afternoon sun prescribe it, and in the evening "warm" artificial lighting.Lighting is better to locate at different levels to every corner of it was light.To do this you will need a central room chandelier or ceiling-mounted lamps and nochnichok, as well as a few modern items for the convenience of the kid (dimmable).

Comfort in the room will create a baby fluffy, textile details

.For example, a small bedside carpet, curtains or curtains with original pattern (let it be bright, focuses).Scarce was lucky - his mother needlewoman?Surely the interior decorate children's crocheted, embroidered napkins.There is a place for soft decorative pillows of different colors and shapes.And you can put on furniture some teddy bears - once it becomes warmer, not only kids, but also adults, after looking into the room, they plunge into the magical world of childhood.

What lay in the crib?

original bed linen (first will be quite a few sets), specifically the size of the cot must be of excellent quality.Choose only those that are made from natural fabrics: calico, satin, cotton.

Under caress plush plaid

What can warm the baby is better than light colors cushy blanket? .. Is love the closest people - moms and dads!

skin softness responsible

Symbio Graco's recognized as the best innovative stroller at the international exhibition of children's goods in Cologne.Although she is new 2010, but has already received recognition mothers around the world!Three basic principles Symbio - is safety (duralumin frame, non-toxic materials), comfort (reversible handle, pneumatic wheels, a spacious carrycot) and ease of use for the convenience of modern things for baby (light and compact, folds with one hand).

easy and convenient

Simplicity - Stroller for children from 6 months to 3 years.The small size, lightness and excellent maneuverability make it ideal for both city and off-road travel.

Key features strollers: the simple process of folding and unfolding;rigid base of the back, going down with one hand;twin rear brake, locking the two wheels at the same time;aluminum frame;protective bumper and five-point safety belts.

Germs Away!

Extremely user-friendly electronic steam sterilizer Canpol babies will quickly (10 minutes!) To get rid of bacteria in the bottles, breast pumps and other accessories.Specially designed container with filter facilitates the removal of water and mud after the sterilization process.At the same time you do not need sterilizing fluid after use is sometimes feeding supplies retain odor.

on their way

Smart Trike Deluxe 3 in 1, the winner of several prestigious awards - a unique multi-tricycle for a child from 10 months.It is equipped with an adjustable telescopic handle (5 positions), which allows mom or dad to ride a bicycle, while learning to ride a pipsqueak.Bicycles equipped bottle holder, a toy telephone and functional bag.Smart Trike Deluxe gradually, as the child grows, is transformed from a wheelchair controlled by their parents, in a full bicycle driven kid.

Love each spoon feed

toddler spring, when almost no fresh fruits and vegetables, is not easy.And the introduction of the first foods the more causes a lot of problems in the family.Where to begin?Indeed, so eager, so your child gets the most useful, natural and high-quality products, to grow up healthy.It is better to start with a single-component mashed Gerber!They are made without sugar, salt, starch -Ideal is to start feeding!Puree apple - what you need for a successful start.Delicious and fragrant!Kid happy to eat one, and then more and more spoons.

a very wide assortment of Gerber.Here you will find, fruit and vegetable purees.And of course, healthy juices!

drive diapers SANGENIC help mom get rid of dirty diapers with minimal effort!Each used a diaper wrapped in scented antibacterial film and pressed into modern things for the convenience of the kid.In microbes, like smell, no chance to spread through the room!And as the drive can hold 28 nappies, the number of visits to the dumpster is greatly reduced.One movement - and no smell!The clever design allows the drive to deliver diapers in the nursery or the bathroom.

Breathe freely

If clogged nose kid, help drop "Otrivin."Moisturizing formula of the drug has a dual action: perfectly removes runny nose and soothes the nasal mucosa.The effect occurs within minutes and lasts up to 12 hours!

drops are safe, soft and gently affect the nasal mucosa.Therefore, they can be used even in infants under all kinds of rhinitis: rhinitis (with and allergic), hay fever, sinusitis ... "Otrivin" can use up to 10 days in a row!

toward adventure!

with stroller Quinny Speedi comfortable in the city and beyond.Thanks maneuverable inflatable wheels, and it's great rides along the forest paths, and on level track in the park.Maximum comfort for the child, as well as ease of management give parents a feeling of complete freedom.In conjunction with the Dreami carrycot or car seat Maxi-Cosi Quinny Speedi stroller can be used from the very birth of the baby.

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