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How to resist the rage?

Before you learn to overcome the rage, we must remember that it destroys us.Attacks such emotions since ancient times were considered stupid and pointless.In a rage, we can do the most senseless acts, which later regret.In fact, these attacks are a daily and ordinary condition for many people.For the rage do not need much, sometimes the wrong word or look at us are like a red rag.But still, it is necessary to overcome this feeling, so as not to cause a chain reaction, because, as you know, evil begets evil.

We still have to explain the infant that you should not ever get angry and offended.But, nevertheless, few of us know how to control their emotions and experience negative quickly.Basically, people are beginning to learn to get angry as a child, and what they get older, so their emotions deeper and stronger.In addition, films, series and news often reflect too much anger, rage and anger.

course, do not detract from the positive aspects of anger.In this state, a person can accumulate all their stren

gth and achieve a lot.Often there were cases when people are in a state of rage and anger do something he could never do in a normal state.Besides, when we get angry, we become easier to survive anything.By the way, in a state of anger we control our autonomic nervous system.It is responsible for our behavior in a state of danger.This system is responsible for the body to produce a state of alert and not let him relax in the moment, when we were approaching danger.

the way, is a false opinion, peaceful people do not experience bouts of anger.In fact, they also get angry, angry and resentful, but, at the same time, trying to appear indifferent.This behavior is even worse effect on the body than when people shout, swear or fight.But in any case, outbursts of anger at the person begins to rise blood pressure, the blood begins to change, moreover, because of the anger begins to impair the operation of the internal organs.When you get angry, the heart beats more often, digestion begins to function properly, as, indeed, and kidneys.Even at the cellular level, there are some changes.

way, anger can be a primary cause of the fact that a person has reduced resistance to certain diseases.In most cases, if a person falls into a rage often suffer the weakest organs and it starts to hurt.So if you know you have a predisposition to certain diseases, a hundred times think before you get angry and mad.Remember that anger will be reflected in your body is not positive.

Science has not yet determined how the mechanism of occurrence of rage.But, at the same time, there are some psychological aspects, the famous scientist who preceded the outbreak of anger.For example, before the angry person feels as negative emotions accumulate and it is irritated.First of all, in order to calm yourself, you need to analyze why we get angry at the person.Often, anger is a behavior that does not match the pattern that we have laid in the head.In this case, you need to think about how this pattern is correct.Maybe you just need to understand the person and respect his right to the behavior he sees fit.If you learn this kind of respect, then you will be much easier to deal with their tantrums.

also need to learn to analyze their behavior in order to be able to correct it in the future.When you are angry because of something, try to think about why this is happening.If you analyze their behavior and define those catalysts that cause anger, in this case, you can learn to ignore some of the things to protect them from themselves, so as not to get angry on a particular occasion.

There are many methods of fighting fury.Of course, the easiest way to think about what we do after the offense.But still, it is necessary to learn to deal with anger before you arrange someone scandal.By the way, one of the easiest methods to combat attacks of rage are exercise.Therefore, if you have the opportunity to better shake the press and pootzhimaytes.Believe me, anger and rage as the arm lift.

There are other methods of control of emotions during their occurrence.By the way, I am talking about these methods more Seneca.It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.Just you need at a time when you feel that you start to get angry, keep track of your physical sensations and breathing.When you concentrate on it, it does not remain on the energy and emotion anger.This way you can protect yourself from negativity.In fact, a perfect way to complacency is the belief in yourself that you are calm and do not annoy you.Of course, at first rather difficult to persuade myself, but if you find the strength to calm down a few times, then you will be easier and easier.You just need to try to focus on something positive and think about the good.If you will turn to behave in this way, you will eventually notice that you no longer want to be angry.

In fact, the rage - it is not an indication that a person angry.Angry very kind and compassionate people.In fact, you can ruffle everyone, but not everyone can pull himself together and overcome the rage.Your task - to learn it and never forget to control yourself.

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