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How to wash clothes?

- To be successful you need to wash to use soft water.Pretty easy to find out what water is hard or soft.It should take one cup of hot water and a little soap to rub.If soap is quickly dissolved and no precipitate and the solution when the water has cooled down and become transparent, this water is considered soft.On the surface there is a film, it is said that the water is hard.Water may soften soda waterglass and other means.For this purpose, suitable glycerol.In a glass of water you need to dissolve 2 tablespoons of glycerine and this solution was added to the water.This portion will be enough for ten buckets of water.

- Better to wash white socks, stockings, if they soak in water with 2 tablespoons of boric acid for 2 hours.

- Blurring the lace curtains need to solution blueprints to add a little milk, and then the curtain will be like new.If you decide to wash the lace curtains in the washing machine, they must be sewn into a pillow case or an ordinary bag.To the curtains are not curled in a knot

, the edges of curtains need to tack to the pillowcase.They can not iron, and hang the curtains on the wet rope and well spread.

- from clothes to never left button, button up clothes and turn inside out before you put in the washing machine.

- greasy work clothes should be washed well.To do this, crushed ¼ of a piece of soap, and then pour a liter of boiling water, then cooled in the solution add half a liter of kerosene and a full dessert spoon of soda ash.This solution was carefully wipe overalls, tightly roll up and leave for a day or overnight, and then washed twice in soapy hot water and rinse several times in cool water.

- handkerchiefs well wash out better if they first soak for 30 minutes in salt water (per liter of water to take three tablespoons of large salt)

How should you wash linen?

To wash linen products, it must first hold soap and warm water for 1 hour.Then add a tablespoon of vinegar and a little powder.In this water to wash laundry and rinse in clean cold water and hang to dry in direct sunlight.

With turpentine can whiten greatly faded white stuff.To do this, put the detergent in a basin of hot water, add 1/3 cup of turpentine, beaten to a froth, and put things into a bowl for 2 hours and then wash as usual.

colored linen things washed in soapy, salty, warm water.Add a little vinegar in the rinse to the colors could not shed.

To restore the whiteness of linen underwear need to sew the bag, make it lace, eggshell fill and load into the washing machine along with the laundry.

cotton underwear.

- lingerie to soak for 5 hours and warm soapy water.

- to soak the laundry to use funds from bio-additives.

- to the laundry soaking is good gets wet, it should not be firmly laid.

- If the laundry is dirty, you need to wash it several times.

- Wash in the machine and by hand.

- colored clothes are best washed by hand, because it can shed.

- When machine-wash laundry boil for half an hour.

- Lingerie after boiling, carefully caress, bluing, starch.

- Linen rinse first in warm water, then cold water.It is not recommended to twist podkrahmalennoe underwear.

- Crisp linens will shine, if you add a handful of salt to starch.Dry after washing and pat dry iron.

bleaching linen .

hydrogen peroxide bleaching can produce articles made of artificial linen and cotton fabrics, and it should be done in a washing machine, 15 ml of hydrogen peroxide added based on 25 liters of water for 4 min wash at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

well bleached linen, if boiling water to pour a bucket of ammonia per dessert spoon.If
systematically apply bleach, fabric strength is reduced, they better not use the bowl than 3 wash.Once bleached linen thoroughly rinse it.

Little Secrets.

Hard towels necessary, and wash and boil in salted water.

Pre handkerchiefs soak in salted water for 12 hours, they are easier to wash.

Men's shirts do not need much rubbing, rinsing does not twist, do not wring out, hang on a hanger to dripping.

Blouses best to dry on a hanger.Collars and cuffs starches tough men's shirts in starch medium and blouses made of soft fabrics - soft.

Before you wash clothes of colored fabric, you should wet the tip of a small cloth in water and check to see whether it will shed.

Buttons lose its luster from frequent washings.And in order to restore it, you can cover the buttons transparent nail polish.

now know how to properly wash clothes, follow these tips, and you will learn how to wash clothes.

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