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How to change life for the better?

Now read, remember and act.

1. Laugh, smile more often;

2. It should get rid of bad habits, and although it is troublesome, but they can be changed;

3. You are very punctual person?Try to be late for work, and innocently say, if you were asleep, feel like you are the heroine of "Office Romance";

4. you had not come to work on time?Introduced in the office before the others;

5. you like to talk on the phone?Disable it for the whole day, remember how in the movie "Pretty Woman", made a hero of Richard Gere?

6. Boring dine in the same restaurant, discover the other a cozy restaurant;

7. not rush home after work.Take a walk with your family, go shopping;

8. Do not wait for the weekend to go to the cinema or theater.Leave the children at least once to their relatives;

9. Make gifts to your relatives any reason, because it is great;

10. Think of a harmless joke.And it will make some variety in your daily life;

11. very useful to do what you usually considered harmful;

12. Ugly eat on the go?Or take, buy corn sticks, ice cream and eat with pleasure in the open air;

13. piece of chocolate will not spoil your figure, and maybe a little cheer up;

14. Sit in front of a mirror and pogrimasnichayte your funny antics only raise the mood;

15. Even if you are on a diet, drink a cup of coffee with cream;

16. Rejoice little things, because of them is life;

17. Go to the florist and buy yourself a beautiful bouquet;

18. Read magazines, where you can find yourself something interesting;

19. Go to a nightclub (the family should be left to the families and children go together) or a disco and dance to;

20. Remove the rollers from the mezzanine, wear knee pads for a ride, and in winter you can go skating with the whole family;

21. change its image;

22. together with friends to play badminton, volleyball;

23. Bake bread on the fire, and potatoes;

24. Can you open a new perfume;

25. Buy fashionable thing this season;

26. Do not be afraid to experiment, because the paint eyelashes can not only black ink;

27. Buy swimsuit and tidy her figure;

28. Throw all the robes of the closet and go home in a comfortable and bright clothes;

29. not wear a boring one-colored clothes, buy yourself something bright;

30. From today Wash mineral water;

31. Buy the house from time to time some new clothes;

32. Stay in the role of the designer, sign nightstand some pattern;

33. original candlesticks and vases decorate your interior;

34. Draw an interesting picture and hang it on the wall.Children's drawings issue in frames and hang on the wall, too;

35. in closet with laundry place sachets with a pleasant scent of herbs;

36. in beautiful flower pots plant parsley, watercress, onions;

37. changed their heavy curtains on the lungs, and let the wind play with them;

38. If you are late everywhere, and everything goes wrong, slow pace of life;

39. Smile most people think, and they will tell you the same thing;

40. think of some simple ritual farewell to the working week;

41. Today relax and do nothing;

change traditions and create new ones;

43. Organize a holiday for the family;

44. Take a trip to my mother on the delicious cakes;

45. Meet with school friends and be happy about their successes;

46. Share secrets with her mother;

47. Write usual, not an e-mail to your friend, husband, best friend;

48. wider Open your window and let the room the morning dew;

49. Take a contrast shower with fragrant gel, and it will charge you with positive energy;

50. did something never done before, go on a fishing trip;

51. Invite your friends for a picnic and spend a weekend in nature;

52. Put your face rays of the sun, you get a light tan, which is much better than any foundation;

53. Sit by the river and listen to the sound of water, it is somewhat comforting;

54. Begin to learn languages, it will greatly expand your horizons;

55. Place your order in his closet, and things that were not for a year, discard or give;

56. old shirts shall describe markers;

57. read a book that you bought recently;

58. sit out in a chair, look at your favorite movie, forget about their problems;

59. a lesson play patience, a good gym for the brain;

60. Without haste and duly prepare coffee or tea;

61. Sort the pictures and complete the album;

62. best time for skin care face and body, it is hours before bedtime;

63. make a mask of olive oil, egg yolks and honey;

64. Make head massage, it removes fatigue;

65. Take a relaxing foot bath.

Now we know how to change to a better life.Use these tips and you may be able to change lives for the better.

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