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How to choose the color of feng shui?

So not to follow another "dummy" should have at least a basic knowledge of Feng Shui.And in particular - of colors.These we will discuss today and, well, pretty popular answer the question of how to choose the color of Feng Shui.Specific instructions you give us will not only explain the meaning of each color, he means well, and where it is best used.And now, let's start all the same, because we still have to choose the color of Feng Shui.

Red Feng Shui.

This color is a very powerful and strong.That this is the color of the destruction of the evil power.After all, this color is blood, it gives life, activity, saturation, and of love, because without it anywhere.This color is exciting, because it directs us to perform certain actions, implementation of major steps, he invites us to be active, to increase vitality.But do not forget about one important lack of color - it is very annoying and can bore your nervous system.Do not go too far, because the "fire" of people, an excess of red can cause

a heart attack.If you or your family suffer from some kind of mental illness, the use of red is contraindicated!This can lead to bouts of aggression.This color of Feng Shui is useful in small amounts.So you protect yourself from the bad energy, but do not call the discomfort.If you have health problems, the Feng Shui, you can use red clothes that just do not appear so much on health.


Usually, this color is associated with the golden color, well and with sunlight.The color has a soft tone that Feng Shui is very beneficial effect on the general condition of the person.But do not forget about the dangerous side of the color that is associated with lies, danger, slander, unfounded rumors.Our subconscious saves us from the yellow color, because too much of it can cause irritation and fear.But, despite this, for us pretty well affect copper, honey and golden color.It is these colors have a warm base, which can always warm our hearts, inspire optimism, courage and confidence.It is advisable to use these colors when you make your living space, because they will be able to cheer you up even in cloudy weather.But do not forget about the hidden danger.If your house has a yellow light, then it should not be included in a flashing mode in order not to cause epileptic seizures.


Maybe someone did not notice, but the blue is the most common in nature.This color is directly related to air and water, wildflowers, cool and quiet.This color is relaxing nature, it induces sleep, and thus reduces the rate of metabolic reactions in the body.Blue colors are best used in those places where it is necessary to reduce the total activity.But if we need activity and large amounts of energy, the blue - the enemy, then it is our only spoil everything.It is not recommended for use in workplaces, or wherever you eat, or the food just does not digest.The blue color, some people may even cause depression, because a design bedrooms rush not worth it.


The same color will calm everything and everyone - this color is considered soothing.It restores strength, creating a good harmony.As you know, green - flowering life.The green color is directly related to youth, with very strong growth.Green color perfectly removes fatigue, aims at actively, for example - in the children's room, where he does his homework.In short - this color should be used in places where it is necessary to recover spent force.


This color is perfect for people who exercise authority.For kings, and favorites.It is well to think of - for thinking, meditation, increased brain activity.Purple good effect on the nature of our thoughts.This makes them wider and more objective, promotes proper circulation of energy in the upper part of the brain.But this does not mean that long-term use of purple you pitched a genius.Prolonged use of purple can reflect mirror.


This is the most amazing color.It combines everything color spectrum that makes it awesome.This color is considered to be the best, pure and blameless.But you need to use it with extreme caution - in small doses, and with interruptions.If you do not follow this rule, it can happen strongest outflow of energy that will cause a general weakening.In China, this color is called "the color of death."


As for black, it gives a general and significant reduction in power that more and stimulates it.He was well trained by perception, but do not use it for contemplation.This color is perfect disorient perceptions, aggravated gloomy feelings.But if it is combined with colors such as silver or gold, it is the combination of excellent support your vitality, strengthen the immune system.

Here we examined the effect of all the primary colors on the human body.As you can see, it's pretty simple, and did not have to go deep.

color affects a person's life with great force.When the match colors, follow the Feng Shui to you then do not raise any issues that may well affect on your health.Do not take individually weak or strong colors, they must be in harmony to create a proportion.You must be able to regulate their energy.You have to realize what you are missing, and what grabs too.When doing a mixture of colors, you need to be very careful, otherwise you may miss some important element.

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