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Where to go for a vacation with your child?

best time for rest with the child, will be the end of August and September, at which time the sun is not hot and can cause great damage to the skin and health of the baby.From foreign resorts the best destinations for a holiday with a baby will Turkey and Bulgaria, while those who prefer to relax in the native open spaces, it's certainly Tuapse.

preparing to release the first issue you need to choose the direction of the route where you want to go.Someone voted for foreign tourism, someone thinks about where to rest in Russia.Someone says that it is better to go to Sochi and Adler.Not so easy to make a choice where to rest, there are many resorts, and not just a select resort destination.

went to rest with a child .
among Russian tourists popular destinations are Turkey and Egypt.The thing is carefree and comfortable stay in the financial attractiveness.And those who prefer luxury travel can select European countries: Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy.The most exotic resorts are

considered to be the United Arab Emirates, the Canary Islands and Hawaii, Bali, Maldives, Thailand, Jordan and so on.

with small children is not all the countries have to go, there is a danger of familiarity with local animals and insects, a sharp change of climate zone and the length of aircraft flight.Therefore, before deciding where to relax with your child, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the upcoming trip.Family travel suit Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and so on.If you choose these countries, you can expect that you will get a lot of positive emotions and a great vacation.

inexpensive vacation destinations?
According to our compatriots, foreign tourism, not cheap, but you can save on foreign tours.In order not to solve the problem of where to rest in the summer on the cheap, you can safely buy a hot tour.

Beaches Bulgaria .
For a perfect holiday with the kids suit Bulgaria, which has proved itself very well.There healthful wonderful climate, pristine beaches, lapped by gentle waves, sandy bottom, gently sloping entrance to the sea, as if created for all the kids.Along the beach there are special rescue towers in the sea there are no poisonous fish, sea depth increases gradually.

trip to Bulgaria, provides a full set of baby children's games, rides, entertainment, provides a complete rest, and the child will remain in the memory of the mass of memories.The advantage of the tour in Bulgaria is that the rest of you do not require large financial investments.And there is an economical option for families with children abroad.For children's activities are considered to be the best Bulgarian resorts Kranevo, Obzor, Albena, Sunny Beach.There are many children's camps and complexes.


Any kid who has appeared in Turkey, feeling so small master his desires fulfilled instantly Turkish personnel who sincerely care and cheerfully honors children.In Turkey, there are all possibilities for the children's carefree holiday.In Turkish hotels have a babysitting service and children's rooms, mini-parks, swimming pools for children, playgrounds.The restaurants have a children's menu, high chairs, interesting animation programs for children.The best seating is considered the resorts of Antalya, here know how to make children's holidays unforgettable and fabulous.

Tuapse .
combination of curative nature, warm sea, optimal climate, Tuapse no industrial enterprises, all this creates the perfect conditions for children's activities.It is peaceful and quiet resort that makes the rest of Tuapse safe and calm.For children's entertainment in Tuapse there are different rides, dolphin, several water parks.A trip to the sea will cost you less, as compared to the foreign tour.So if you have limited family budget, no passport, and you do not know where to go on holiday with your child, choose Tuapse.

Family Friendly Tuapse there are a lot of modern health resorts, boarding houses and hotels that offer the necessary conditions for children, and for those who love the "home" environment, they can choose comfortable accommodation in the private sector.In addition Tuapse there are many children's camps and health resorts, there is the famous "Eaglet", you can use their services, if for some reason you can not spend your vacation with your child.

Now you can determine the choice of the route where you can go with the child to rest.Have a nice rest!