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How to wash the dishes burnt?

Send you somewhere for a minute or swing on the phone, and the porridge has already burn on.And instead of a delicious dinner you have a big problem.But do not panic, there are lots of ways to help cope with burnt dishes and return to her former appearance.

How to wash the dishes burnt, if you, for example, cooking rice or buckwheat in a saucepan or deep frying pan, and they are scorched.Such metal penetration will be difficult to clean.Even if for a few hours to fill a saucepan with water, it is unlikely to help.But I think everyone in the kitchen there is salt.We need to pour half a glass of salt on the bottom of the pan evenly.Within hours, the pan can easily be washed.

If you have a dish from the traces of burnt milk - need activated carbon.It is necessary to grind it into powder and pour into baked-on dishes, and the top cover with water.As such, the pan should be left on for 10-15 minutes and then wash thoroughly.

also in the fight against burnt dishes helps a solution of vinegar and sal

t.We must pour this solution victim pan and leave for a few hours, and then rinse with warm water.Pan will shine like new.

There are, of course, and natural methods that can help in clearing burnt dishes.For example, if in the pan burnt porridge should be boiled it with purified bulb.Do not be afraid of the smell, it will disappear when the onion is cooked.

Another reliable way without the use of chemicals.Your pots and kettles will get a fresh new look and get rid of black streaks, if you boil them with the cleaning of the common apple, as well as can be added to a solution of lemon juice or citric acid.In that case, if the pan is not enamelled and, for example, cast iron or aluminum, can be added and a solution of vinegar.This will make the surface of the dishes clean and sparkling.For enamel pot vinegar can not be used because it can damage the finish.

Of course, there are plenty of general advice for washing dishes burnt, but Dishwashing of certain materials, these methods are not suitable.

easiest to clean the utensils with Teflon coating intact.It is enough to fill with water for half an hour and then rinse thoroughly.If serious scorching dish can soak or boil it with non-alkaline solutions.In no case can not be cleaned such dishes using powders and agents with an abrasive surface.As with coke you lose and Teflon coating.

food in aluminum cookware almost burnt, but if it did happen, in any case, you can not use abrasive cleaning agents - different pastes and powders, and can not be used alkaline and acidic drugs, because they spoil aluminum.For cleaning aluminum cookware is best suited soda.

to clean stainless steel utensils, too, do not use abrasive scouring powders.It is better to get rid of burn-use salt.

Cast iron pans must be cleaned until they have had time to cool down.For cleaning use water with salt.If this is not immediately wash the dishes, then later it will be extremely difficult to do.

To clean baked-enamel pot, too, need a soda.We need to pour a few spoonfuls of baking soda into the water and pour this solution burnt pan.If the dishes are heavily burnt, then you first need to soak it with water for a few hours.Then put it on the fire and boil it well water.If necessary, repeat this procedure several times.Then, just rinse the pan with warm water, and it will look as good as new. not clean enamel ware abrasive powders.They scraped off part of the enamel, and in the future there will always be a pot burnt food.

To return the pan white after cleaning, you can boil it in a solution of ordinary laundry bleach.For example, suitable Persil or biofeedback.Then you need a good wash a pot with water.

There is another way to clean the dishes burnt enamel.It is necessary to boil in a large saucepan detergent for dishes.Then follows scrub soot with a stiff sponge.This method is effective also because dishwashing detergent cleans as well or dark marks on the light surface of the enamel.

If you burnt metal dishes, then it will need cleaning coffee grounds.It needs to be put on the scorched areas and leave for several hours.The effect will delight you.

In cases where a layer of burnt food is large enough, and not non-stick cookware and aluminum, fill it with a mixture of ammonia and hot water.In two liters of hot water needed half cup of ammonia.Pan flooded with this solution, leave for two hours, and then rinse thoroughly.In no case can not be mixed with household ammonia cleaning agents, there may be toxic fumes.

These cleaning methods burnt dishes are fairly easy, to the same means to them can always be found in the kitchen.Of course, there are many household products that will help in the removal of carbon from the surface of the dish.For example, very high quality detergent companies Amway , which are easily removed by this type of pollution.There are also a lot of different powders and pastes for cleaning metal penetration, but their use should take into account the material from which made dishes for enamel and Teflon many chemicals are very harmful.

In any case, the choice is yours - use natural products or household chemicals.As we can see ways to clean burnt dishes galore.Even if such trouble caught you by surprise, that some of these tools are sure to find at home.But it is better not to deal with such problems.So watch out for the food during cooking and you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary trouble.