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What should a family doctor in the family

course, this is particularly no longer a novelty, but there is one very important and positive fact.Again began to revive the profession of family doctor.

Speaking of the family doctor in a nutshell, it is an ordinary doctor therapist who comes to you on call, examine, and make recommendations to the leaves.And what is so special, you might ask.And especially the fact that after leaving the doctor does not disappear.A systematic interested in your health, ready to come at any time, or give the necessary advice on the phone.However, he can examine both adults and children, regardless of age, freeing you from this noisy clinics and long queues.Is not it very easy to get?

Who is he?

concept of family medicine as a profession, "family doctor" has been around for a very long time.Recently, the popularity of these services has become very Doctors grow, but also many people still do not know who this doctor, and how to find it.So, we'll start again and order.The family doctor - this is when it comes to ha

lf-seriously, general practitioner, and on top of your health manager in one person.But seriously, it is - the doctor carries out monitoring of the long-term health of the patient, systematic, continuously monitors all the members of the family or a single person, if necessary, advise patient treatment and examination, is engaged in the prevention of disease.

Of course, your doctor has a diploma in special education and a certificate.He trained in basic medical sciences: immunology, pediatrics, internal medicine, as well as the basics of other specialties.Of course, this does not mean that a doctor knows everything.To assert this fact would be untruthful, but he knows the most common illnesses, well-versed in the diagnosis.For example, we can say that the family doctor may be engaged in home care patients with hypertension.To put it more precisely, that a doctor in addition to the therapy ceases even some dispatcher properly directing patients to the right specialists, not the "race" for all offices.

Family medicine is extremely convenient and cost effective for the patient, as in 80% of cases, the problem can be resolved without a general practitioner and hospital specialists.Such health care has long been distributed in the EU, as well as America, and gets a lot of positive feedback from those who use them.

functions of the family doctor.

It should also be noted that services of a family doctor is not free, as is know to do the family doctor in the family, that you understand what you pay for.First you need to get acquainted.And it is desirable that such a familiar place in the presence of all family members that you are going to watch.Then the doctor must conduct a full inspection of all their future patients to summarize the state of health of each and to have a medical card, which will be made and all the records.

Then, if necessary, the doctor may recommend an action plan that will address any treatment, or prevention, respectively, justifying their actions in the future to monitor their performance and efficiency.When you need advice from a specialist narrow profile, the family doctor is obliged to organize and coordinate the diagnostic and treatment process.So he just assigns the place, time and particular specialist.What saves your and your time, as well as ensures the effectiveness of treatment and diagnosis.Typically, such a doctor present during the inspection and shall inform the "narrow" expert, the reason for the visit.

In general, a family doctor in the family should be responsible for monitoring and prevention.Therefore, routine visits to the patient are required.An important detail - you can get urgent advice, at any time of the day.Just when absolutely necessary and possible personal visit to the doctor.
family doctor in the family, and can also carry a certain educational function, communicating with your children on their exciting topics that affect their health and growing up, advise you about the methods of care and urgent action, for example, psychologists advise parents if there is a needor partially to fulfill this function.

How much does it cost?

man, referring to the family doctor, secures a guarantee of quality, timely and continuous health care.This, of course, plays the role of the family doctor and the interest in satisfying your customer, the quality of work.This doctor does not have to sell you any additional medications or dietary supplements, and assign unnecessary examinations.After all, usually family physicians more their reputation.

He also saves your time and nerves from the crowds in clinics and hospitals.You can always ask for help and receive quality medical examination followed by treatment.Due to the fact that the doctor would be good to know you and all your predisposition to diseases, sometimes by his actions it depends the whole success of the treatment.

cost of such services is not as high as all of this might think.Usually the doctor payment consists of a small monthly fee for each patient.It is also possible additional fees during the treatment, but it will depend on the amount of time spent with the patient, the location of the home, time of the call, as well as the degree of relevance and popularity of the doctor.Therefore, the family doctor just ceases the case when the quality is much higher than the price.

decide, of course, to you, but remember that health can not be bought for any money, so may be better to pay a little for its preservation?