An easy way to defeat jealousy

First of all, the jealousy - a lack of confidence in the man himself, that he can love without reason, just like that, for what it is, without requiring anything in return except love in return.As a rule, characterized by jealousy for those who received less parental love as a child, or someone who has repeatedly faced with deception and betrayal in his life.Such people are losing faith in himself, his strength and faith in other people.Burned once they reinsured several times in the future.The best option in such a situation - a visit to a good psychologist and work with it, consult a specialist.Such a method is one of the easiest to defeat jealousy.

long been observed that insanely jealous of one who allows himself to the situation and the reasons for jealousy.Then think about it, maybe it is in you?Edit, start a relationship on the side, you begin to suspect the same and your partner.So maybe you do not need such a relationship if you do not value and that you allow into your life someone else.

To start you will be examined, and is there really reason and grounds for jealousy?Maybe the whole thing in your uncertainty?If yes, then be engaged in itself, increase their own self-esteem.If you are overly jealous, it makes life for you and your loved one.Review your life.Try to change yourself.Do not hassle myself or partner, or the people around them.

But if you have a real reason to be jealous, then think about that, but if you need such an unreliable person?Are you willing to tolerate it for a long time affair and flirting on the side?In similar situations, it is easier to part with such a person, and to protect themselves from negative emotions and jealousy.

If you are sure of your loved one, but continues to be jealous, talk to your partner.Explain to him his jealousy.Tell him that you trust him, that is terribly jealous, that are going to work on yourself and deal with jealousy.To win jealousy, ask him to be more attentive to you and not give even the slightest cause for jealousy until you fight with this negative feeling.If he loves you, you will understand and help in this work, will have moral support in the fight against jealousy.

Learn to trust your partner.Improve your relationship, work on them.Men do not go away from the women with whom they feel good, and do not change them.But if you're constantly yank his partner, then at least the spirit of contradiction, he will do what you have to reproach him.Never listen to the gossip concerning you and your partner.Want to easily defeat jealousy, did not provoke its appearance: do not check the phone book, SMS correspondence, pockets, notebooks.But what if you do not like what you find there?Pathological jealous of the innocent may correspondence the two friends inflate a huge problem.No wonder they say that fear has big eyes.Are you afraid of being cheated, you are afraid of change, so will see and search for them where ever had.

zeal - is the easiest way to spoil relations.If you love and are loved, then it is better to make an effort and zeal to win easily.Trust your partner and do not give too much cause for gossip and jealousy.