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Dried apples: useful properties

Dried apples are stored for a long time and save a lot of stuff and useful properties of fresh apples, they are tasty and useful.For drying of apples is better to choose a solid sour-sweet or sour varieties, it is desirable to summer or autumn.For example, Titovka, Antonovka.Sort apples, wash them in cold water, drain the water, and leave the fruit in the air, so they had dried.Then, cut out the core from the apples and clean fruit peel.Then slice the apples circles or slices about 1 cm thick and dip them in salt water (20 g of salt per 1 liter of water) for a few minutes, it will keep a light shade of apple.

Apples can be dried in the oven or in the sun.If you chose the first option, then place the sliced ​​apples on a baking sheet and dry them in the oven at 75 ° -80 ° for 6-8 hours, shaking occasionally to ensure that they are uniformly dried.If you want to dry the apples in the sun, then place them on a dry surface (eg, a tray) at right angles to the sun's rays and turn the day.If the weather is

favorable, the apples can be dried for 2-4 days.You can hang the apples on the thread as a garland.If apples are not dried out, dosushit them over the stove or in the oven.

If properly dried apples, they should be soft and flexible, have a light cream color.It is worth noting that of the 10 kg of fresh fruit is obtained about a kilogram of dried.Dried apples must be stored in a tightly sealed container, then they will be suitable for food than one year.Dried apples are convenient in that there can be in a dry form, but you can cook compotes.

Than helpful dried apples?At long storage of fresh apples lose much of vitamins and a variety of substances that are useful for our body.Dried apples are also significantly longer keep them contained useful elements becauseIt contains many substances that are not influenced by heat treatment.The dried apples plurality of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, C, E, K, a high content of various mineral elements potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc,iodine and others.Also dried apples contain fiber, protein, various acids, catechins, essential oils, volatile, flavonoids, dietary fibers, pectin, and so on.

With this useful structure, dried apples beneficial effect on various processes in the body, the digestive, nervous, circulatory system, stimulates metabolism.

Apples contribute to the formation of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, which improves its performance.Dried apples help with the inflammation of the colon, with constipation.And all because a lot of fiber in apples, which normalizes digestion, helps to remove harmful substances from the body.Pectin contained in apples lowers bad cholesterol in the blood, neutralizes toxic compounds.Dried apples also have some diuretic effect, a favorable effect on the kidneys, liver and bladder.

addition, apples help the absorption of calcium, which in turn is the prevention of osteoporosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.Dried apples contribute to more rapid digestion of fats and proteins.They are compatible with meat and many other products.Apples - a good prevention of obesity.Thanks to their content of potassium apples also derive the excess fluid from the body.

Apples improves memory, intelligence, improve immunity.Regular consumption of dried apples significantly reduces the risk of dementia and memory impairment.Besides apples reduce the risk of cancer.Apples also protect the body from premature aging.

When anemia is also useful to use the apples because of their content of iron.Apples are also useful for thrombophlebitis, hypertension.They improve blood circulation, reduces the risk of heart attacks.During pregnancy and lactation dried apples will also be very useful.

Apples contain lots of pyridoxine (vitamin B6), which is very important for the life of the organism.He needs people who take antibiotics for a long time, and women who take birth control drugs and pregnant again, especially in toxicosis.Lack of vitamin B6 impairs blood circulation and brain function.This vitamin is of excellent quality - it is resistant to high temperatures.

Apples contain a lot of iodine, because they are used as prevention of thyroid diseases, especially goiter.Iodine also improves brain processes, and therefore recommended to students and knowledge workers.

Dried apples help when you cough, diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.If you use dried apples every day, it is already two weeks the condition of hair, nails and skin noticeably improve.

Eating apples in food improves vision, improves the condition of the teeth prevents tooth decay due to its antibacterial properties.Dried apples can be replaced, if necessary, crackers, chips, candy, becausethey are natural, useful, they contain no fat, and they have fewer calories and vitamins - more.In addition, they are well satisfy hunger.

As you can see, dried apples are very useful.To list the advantages and useful properties can be very long.They retain virtually all biological and nutritional advantages of fresh fruit, and almost no disease, that would be a contraindication to the use of apples to eat.Caution should be consumed dried apples diabetes.So eat apples and fresh and dried form, and be healthy!

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