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Milk curd: benefits and harms

Before attributed to the category of cheese harmful or useful products, let's see what it is.Thus, cottage - one of the oldest fermented milk product obtained by fermentation of milk and lactic acid bacteria whey separation, one of the valuable health food, food that you can eat everything: pregnant women, and children, and the elderly, was not very strong.Even in the 1st century AD Roman philosopher Lucius Junius from Moderat Columella he said curds "desired dish on the tables of the rich and the poor."Amazingly, the words "cheese" and "cheese" in the Russian language began to divide quite recently, and in the ancient word "cheese" means both own cheese and cottage cheese.

to classify cheese by fat content: bold, bold and non-greasy.Accordingly, the percentage of fat component of 18%, 9% and 3%.By way of coagulation proteins - acid and acid-rennet.The difference is that the acid curd made from skim milk.The raw material for the production of fermented dairy foods can serve as milk and powdered milk

and creamer.

So what is so useful for this product?

turns out, the secret lies in the basis of preparation in which the milk, a unique natural product extracted all the nutrients and valuable substances for the body.First of all, it is a protein that is essential for the formation of bone tissue during growth of bones and teeth in children, pregnant women, people suffering from hypertension, with rickets in infants.But there are many foods that are a source of protein - meat, plant foods, such as beans ... but preference is given to the curd.For the digestion of animal food it takes a lot of time and energy of the body.In addition, the process occurs much easier with the meat should be consumed a certain amount of plant foods - greens and vegetables.In ancient China, there was even a kind of method of execution: the man was allowed to eat only meat.After two or three weeks he died.That is to eat meat as the main provider of protein can be perfectly healthy people with gastro-intestinal tract.Now legumes.Their digestion is accompanied by such unpleasant phenomenon of flatulence, flatulence, fermentation that causes discomfort.Not surprisingly, the preferred cream cheese - very balanced and easily digestible product.It is proved that regular consumption of yogurt increases the tone of the body, filling it with vital vitamins and minerals, helps to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract and strengthen the nervous system (!) Will understand, due to what is happening substances.

If we talk about the chemical composition of cheese, it is very diverse.This amino acid, lactose (milk sugar), minerals - iron, phosphorus, calcium, hormones, enzymes, fat, vitamins and carbon dioxide, which has as many as 12 - vitamins A, B, C and D and the above-mentioned protein.

Now, first things first

Proteins - a very important matter, accelerate biochemical reactions.The lack of them can lead to anemia, liver disease, pancreatic cancer, allergic rashes, decreased immunity, fatigue.

amino acids produced by the body can not in full amount, the number of them is compensated by receiving a certain food.The disadvantage of these valuable substances can lead to dementia, abnormal development and stunted growth in children, disturbance of the synthesis of hemoglobin.

Fats part of the cell and are the reserve sources of energy.Especially important to the consumption of dairy fat people with weak liver.

Carbohydrates in small quantities contained in cottage cheese, so cheese for diabetics - the number one product in their diet.

Minerals - calcium, building element for bones and teeth, phosphorus, involved in maintaining bone, iron, regulate the level of hemoglobin in the blood, and magnesium - vital elements in the life of the organism.The lack of these micronutrients leads disorders of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system excitability, to various forms of anemia.

Vitamin A promotes healthy vision, and leads to a lack of "night blindness" - impairment of vision in the twilight, necessary for proper growth.Low intake of vitamin C thereby threatening disease, like scurvy, delayed treatment which leads to death.B vitamins are involved in vital metabolic processes of proteins and carbohydrates.And more attention should be paid to vitamin D, as required during the growth of children, pregnant for calcium absorption and the elderly for the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

However, at this miraculous properties of lactic goodies do not end there.Quark is actively used in cosmetics as a variety of masks, ointments and creams, emollients, moisturizers, soothing the skin, saturating it with vitamins.

lists all useful properties of cheese, it should be noted that use can be both healthy and sick people.One only after consulting with your doctor to determine its fat content and the required amount.Healthy people also such a valuable product should be consumed as prevention of many diseases.

Now a little about how to choose the right cheese, to protect yourself from digestive disorders and even poisoning.Curd should be stored at temperatures between 2 and 6 degrees Celsius is not more than 24 hours.You need to pay attention to the uniformity of the cheese, the absence in it of various impurities.The color should be white, yellow cheese - stale.Quality product - a homogeneous, crumbly, slightly moist, with no sharp odor, with a thick and tasty aroma, taste - pleasant, melting in the mouth, with the characteristic milky-sour taste.Finally, buy a cottage in better specialty stores or dairy trays, and with it - only trusted people.Now you know everything about milk cheese, benefits and harms from which on the face.Despite the fact that the cheese is so rich in all important human mikroelemantami, it can cause great damage to health, if you do not pay attention to the expiration date on the package, or buy it on the market, where you will be offered instead of fresh cottage cheese that is already spoiled.Be careful and healthy!