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Fish pollock: useful properties

Pollock needed health of the mucous membranes and skin, digestive and nervous systems, it is a good antioxidant and a regulator of blood sugar.Useful for the thyroid gland.This is not all the information about the beneficial properties of fish.So write out more.To understand the benefit of this necessary in the diet of fish, it is necessary to list the elements contained therein.We give them a share in a percentage of 100 grams of the product of the daily needs of the human body.

Vitamin A-retinol (1,5%) is a must for our view, helps prevent night blindness.Additionally it protects against respiratory infections, maintains healthy skin and strengthens hair, bones, teeth and gums.Vitamin A is prescribed for acne.

Vitamin PP (23%) actively participates in cell respiration, regulates digestion, metabolism of proteins that regulate the nervous system.Useful in the treatment of diseases such as pellagra, atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal disease, gastric ulcer.

Cobalt (150%) - promotes the pro

cess of restoration of blood enzyme protein synthesis, regulation of carbon metabolism in the body.Cobalt contained in the pollock, improves the absorption of iron by the body and is used to treat anemia.Total stomach during digestion can absorb up to 50% of its volume, therefore, included in the diet of the food such as the fish pollack, is necessary.

Iodine (100%) - is the only known micronutrients that supports our thyroid gland and is involved in the development of its hormone thyroxin.This hormone controls the intensity of the main exchange affects the fat, water and salt and carbohydrate exchanges.He is constantly linked to the sex glands and the pituitary gland.Without iodine is complete physical and mental development of a person.Thyroxine is involved in the activity of the central nervous system, the emotional tone of a man, the regulation of liver and cardiovascular system.

Fluoride (17,5%) - necessary for kostoobrazovaniya and processes of formation of dental enamel, as well as stimulation of the immune system and the hematopoietic system.Indispensable for skeletal development and repair processes in fractures.The consumption of fluoride-good prevention of senile osteoporosis.

Chrome (110%) - is involved in the regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, maintains glucose tolerance, that is a means of preventing diabetes.It reduces the demand for insulin, and normalizes blood sugar.Chromium activates a number of enzymes responsible for the storage, transfer and implementation inheritance.

Potassium (16,8%), as well as sodium helps to form the buffer system that prevents changes in the reaction medium, maintain their consistency.Potassium is an important intracellular cation requires the intracellular environment of all organisms.Almost all the potassium in the body located inside the cells.Increasing the concentration of potassium in some processes, it displays the body of sodium.Moreover, the potassium compound is removed from the body fluid.Therefore potassium diet (rich in potassium) used in renal and cardiovascular disease to improve sodium excretion and urine.

Phosphorus (30%) involved in the process of ossification.It is necessary for the normal structure of the fortress and the teeth, nails and bones.Its compounds play an important role in cardiac and skeletal muscles, sweat glands, brain activity.An important element of the assimilation of glucose and its transformation into energy.Systems involved in regulating the acid-base balance of the body.

Sera (17%) is needed for healthy nails, hair and skin.Participates in maintaining oxygen balance, ensuring the normal functioning of the brain.With B vitamins is involved in the metabolism of the main body.Part of the amino acid components in turn our tissues.Sulfur is an assistant in the secretion of bile by the liver and in the fight against bacterial infections.Excellent tones our skin and makes hair shinier.Now you know what is more likely to use in their diet a product like fish pollack, useful properties which can not be overestimated.

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