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Egg protein, properties

chicken egg consists of egg yolk and protein.The yolk contains proteins, fats, and cholesterol.Fats that are harmless in the yolk, are polyunsaturated.The protein consists of 90% water and 10% protein, it contains no cholesterol.

Eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for our body:

1.Niatsin - essential for the formation of sex hormones and brain power.

2.Vitamin K - provides blood clotting.

3.Holin - prints poisons from the liver and is used to improve memory.

4.Folievaya acid and biotin that prevent birth defects in children.

5.Yaytso contains 200 - 250 g of phosphorus, 60 mg of iron, 2.3 mg of iron.

6. In the egg also available in copper, iodine and cobalt.

7. In 100 g egg contains vitamin B2 - 0.5 mg, 1.2 mg V6-, B12, E -2 mg.Also contain vitamin D 180-250 IU, which are second only to fish oil.

8. Egg yolk is the richest in mineral salts and vitamins.

egg protein contains mineral substances, amino acids, carbohydrates, protein.Without the protein, and the for

mation of cell renewal is impossible.For reference biological value for humans was adopted egg protein.

Eggs are a nutritious product and at the same time, low-calorie.The protein of eggs is a low-calorie source of protein.100 g of egg albumen and 45 kcal Protein 11 g.For comparison, for example, 100 grams of milk 69 calories and 4 g of protein in 100 g of beef and 218 kcal Protein 17 g.Protein is digested by 97%, not allowing toxins and immediately goes to the formation of antibodies.That egg whites help to rejuvenate and strengthen the immune system.The most favorable for the digestion of soft-boiled eggs.Calcium yolk very well absorbed by the body.

protein fresh raw eggs used in inflammatory diseases.The protein does not irritate the stomach lining and quickly comes out of it, so the chicken protein used in peptic ulcer disease.Yet it may be used in chronic pancreatin.

Atherosclerosis is desirable to limit the consumption of eggs - the significant content of fat.The average egg yolk cholesterol content of 1.5 - 2% and 10% lecithin.The predominance of the lecithin cholesterol allows not fully exclude eggs from the diet in atherosclerosis.

raw egg yolk causes contraction of the gallbladder, causing bile is released into the intestines.It is used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

Chicken eggs a beneficial effect on the nervous system.They include diet in diseases of the nervous system, in the diet for therapeutic or prophylactic food to people who work with mercury and arsenic.The combination of lecithin and egg iron stimulates hematopoietic function of the body.

Babies egg protein can begin to give only three years sinceit is very allergenic.Allergenic properties are weakened by heat treatment eggs.

If you do not have allergy to eggs, they have a must.The protein of eggs is the best and useful in the world.It is better meat protein, fish or dairy products because digested with virtually no residue.This is important for patients with skin diseases, and patients with chronic dermatoses.Eggs are also useful for athletes who want to increase muscle mass.Protein is considered the best building blocks for muscle.For children and adolescents during growth protein is also very useful.

We must remember that protein raw chicken egg is absorbed poorly.Also, it may be microbes that enter from the surface of the shell.Before you break an egg, you need to rinse it under running water to wash away the germs.All the eggs are washed after the purchase is not necessary, or they will deteriorate, even if it will be stored in the refrigerator.Eggs should preferably be stored in the refrigerator in special trays sharp end down.Do not eat eggs that have burst the shell.And in general the use of raw eggs is not desirable.

For a long time in America began anti-cholesterol group and banned eat eggs.As a result, the patients became much more.Increased cardio - vascular diseases, cancer, degenerative diseases, the number of people who are obese.Then America came to their senses and realize that they are doing - something is wrong.We conducted a study and found that an increase in cholesterol eggs do not have any relationship.So that eggs are not harmful at all, but rather very helpful.Here's a he, egg protein, the properties of which are so useful.