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Dried fruits: raisins, dried apricots, prunes

dried black plum, called prunes.In China, the plum is considered a symbol of longevity and happiness in marriage.For drying, use a fleshy, ripe fruit, which can be easily separated from the bone, with at least 10% sugar.Best for drying a plum Hungarian.First fruits are blanched, cooled with running water, then dried in the steam driers.For the gastrointestinal tract and the regulation of metabolism is very useful prunes, due to the abundance of dietary fiber in it.Also prune rich in vitamins - E, and group B

Recent studies have shown that prunes helps with cardiovascular diseases in the early stages.It acts twice as efficient than other natural means.Prunes wonderful normalizes blood pressure.It perfectly absorbs the range of free radicals, the presence of which is associated with the occurrence of cancer and the destruction of muscle tissue.It is rich in potassium, which is essential for cell nutrition, as well as to enhance efficiency, the normal functioning of the kidneys, in order to maintain the

water-salt balance.

excellent antibacterial properties, not inferior medicines, has prunes.It has long been used to disinfect the meat.Its extract is added to the stuffing, it reduces the growth of many bacteria such as staphylococcus, salmonella, E. coli.

most common in our orange dried fruit, dried apricots is.There are several apricot dried fruit - apricots, dried apricots, Kaisa.Dried apricot halves, pitted, called dried apricots.Solid, dried apricots, pitted - it's Kaisa.In the dried apricots and Qays much more minerals, as well as iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium than fresh peaches and apricots.Vitamin them relatively little.They are rich in pectin substances and organic acids.These dried fruits are sugars such as sucrose, fructose and glucose.

These dried fruits are recommended for visually impaired anemia in diseases of the heart, as a fortifying agent.Helps cleanse the intestines and vegetable fibers contained in dried apricots.The great predominance of potassium over sodium salts due to dietary properties of dried apricots.In the treatment of some forms of anemia, and hypertension include apricots, with great benefit, the so-called magnesium diet.

dried apricot with a bone - it dried apricots.Most considered the ecological technology of drying apricots.Kaisa and dried apricots in special devices, often, to make the presentation, treated with chemicals.Apricot dried directly on the branches of trees, leaving "ripen" before full dehydration.This dried fruit in Central Asia is considered a divine gift.If every morning to drink the infusion of wild apricots, according to the elders, we can live up to 100-120 years.

According to doctors, apricots eliminates clogging of blood vessels and solid tumors softens.His sour varieties are able to get rid of colds, chronic migraine.Sweet varieties well help in the treatment of nervous disorders.The presence of iodine in these fruits helps in the prevention of endocrine disorders.

Ancient doctors very much appreciated the quality of raisins.Substances contained in it helps strengthen the lungs, nervous system, heart, and are a sedative.Not all of the grapes get good raisins.Sultana - a seedless raisins are obtained from seedless grapes.Raisins, which is derived from a large, ripe and sweet grape seed called munnakua.In the markets it is also called "Sultan", "royal", and so on.. In sultana raisins contains many useful minerals, vitamins and organic acids.The raisins with seeds even greater variety of nutrients that have healing properties.It is believed that dark raisins valuable white and shades of pink raisins occupies an intermediate position.Raisins munnakua has exceptionally sweet taste.It is recommended as a remedy for fever, constipation, with weak digestion.Also has a positive effect for bronchitis, colitis, heart and kidney disease, anemia, general weakness of the body.

contained in raisins in large quantities, fructose and glucose.Their number in raisins 8 times more than grapes.The raisins also contains such useful substances for our body as potassium, magnesium and manganese, cobalt and nickel, calcium, phosphorus and iron.It contains protein, niacin, thiamin, fat, carbohydrates, and it can "boast" a large amount of boron, which prevents the development of osteoporosis.

According to scientists, there are raisins substances that stop the growth of bacteria, because of which there is a variety of dental caries and gum disease.The raisins are 5 plant antioxidants.One of them - oleanolic acid, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevent them from destroying the enamel.

According nutritionists substance contained in the dried fruit in an amount respectively higher than that of fresh vegetables.Therefore, they are classified as food concentrates, and should not be consumed in large quantities.

How to choose dried

How to choose these or other dried fruits in our market?When selecting dried fruits - raisins, dried apricots, prunes - it is necessary to bear in mind the following facts.Often white grapes raisins are treated with sulfur dioxide to preserve the color of the product.Before eating such a product should be thoroughly washed, and then hold it in hot water for 10 minutes, then rinse again.If the dried fruits are very dirty, then rinse, dip them in sour milk to kill bacteria.When buying a pound of raisins, between the fingers, the flesh to see the insect larvae, if any.When selecting

apricots should not buy it too orange, as it indicates to add chemicals when dried fruit, to preserve the presentation.All of the bright fruit on drying bit sereyut.Terms and conditions of manufacture or storage have been violated if the dried apricots strongly retain moisture and flavor of the wine is present in the processing of high-quality product is not enough.If dried apricots dark spots, it is not a disease but a sunburn caused by water droplets.

Prunes, which has a brownish shade coffee, are not rich in its nutritional qualities and has a bitter taste.This product is a pre-scalded with boiling water, for disinfection and for better storage.Good prunes has an intense sweet taste with a light "sour" and has no sharp "incomprehensible" odors.His smooth black color, with a slight sheen.We ate prunes too shiny, it was treated (often with glycerol) for making the presentation.

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